Permitless Carry on the Move in Idaho, Missouri Legislatures

AP Photo/Seth Perlman
AP/Seth Perlman

Legislation abolishing concealed carry permit requirements is on the move in the Idaho and Missouri legislatures.

According to the NRA-ILA, the Missouri permitless carry legislation–House Bill 1468–“would allow all law-abiding individuals to carry a concealed firearm anywhere that isn’t expressly prohibited by law.” On March 7, HB 1468 passed the House Committee on emerging Issues and now goes to the House Select Committee on General Laws.

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance (ISAA) is calling for all gun owners in their state to rally around their permitless carry legislation, Senate Bill 1389.

On March 8 ISSA president Gregg Pruett posted a Facebook call-to-action in which he urged Idaho gun owners to contact their senators and “tell them to support SB 1389.” He said the bill “will expand rights and restore rights for many people.” But he warned that gun owners need to reach out to their senators quickly, because “Micheal Bloomberg and his billions of dollars will be flowing into Idaho soon” to try to slow the momentum behind permitless carry.

The current push for permitless carry in Idaho and Missouri is happening less than a week after West Virginia lawmakers overrode their governor’s veto to do away with a concealed carry permit requirement in that state. In so doing, West Virginia joined seven other states–Alaska, Arizona, Kansas, Maine, Montana, Vermont, and Wyoming–as those that recognize the Second Amendment as a sufficient carry permit for persons 21 and older.

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