Three Hispanic Men Charged after Pulling Gun on Donald Trump Supporter

Trump for President Sign
Washington, DC

Three Hispanic men in Georgia have been charged for trespassing on the property of David Grant of Dalton, Ga., who had a “Trump for President” campaign sign in his yard, as well as threatening him.

WRCB-TV reports:

On Tuesday, he says three people walked by his yard and apparently didn’t like who he believed in.

One man snatched Grant’s Trump for President yard sign and threw it into the street.

Grant was outside when it happened, and had words for the trio.

“I said you got one choice. Come and fix this sign!” said Grant.

Grant says he wasn’t going to let the men get away without putting his sign back, but the two adult males and teenager became aggressive.

“He said you are about to get a cap popped in your a**! Then he started patting his stomach and then showed a handgun,” said Grant.

The men then fled, but were later caught by the police. According to WRCB-TV, “Mauricio Rodriguez, Hector Ayala, and Alexander Moreno were all charged with violation of Georgia’s Criminal Street Gang Act.”