Booming Crowds at Ted Cruz Illinois Stops Continue Day Before Super Second Tuesday

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Yet another massive crowd gathered for 2016 presidential candidate Ted Cruz at his fourth Illinois rally in Decatur, Illinois the day before pivotal March 15 primary elections in five states.

As the crowd waited, they began chanting Ted Cruz, again and again.

Massive crowds gathered in Decatur to see Cruz as shown in photo and video posts of the event:

Taking the stage, Cruz thanked the crowd for standing for the Constitution.

Cruz’s fourth rally of the day in Decatur echoed those held earlier in Rockford, Peoria, and Glen Ellyn. The Peoria event drew overflow crowds that had attendees standing room only in the upper tier of the theater venue. Reports were that the crowd “never sat down.”

“We are here tonight for something a lot more important than politics. We are here because our country is in crisis,” Cruz said to the crowd.

“Because we’re bankrupting our kids and grandkids, because our Constitutional rights are under assault, and because America has receded from leadership in the world. And I am here tonight with a word of hope and encouragement. All across this country people are waking up and help is on the way.”

Cruz hit what he said would be the three key issues of the election: jobs, freedom, and security.

Cruz spoke to single moms with reduced working hours, truck drivers, electricians, steel workers, union workers, those with callouses on their hands who have seen wages stagnate over the years, and to young people with massive student loans and looking for work. Cruz said:

The heart of our economy is not Washington, D.C., the heart of the economy is small businesses all across the United States of America You want to kill the economy? just do what what we’ve done the last seven years — hammer the living daylights out of small businesses. You want to see the economy take off? Take the boot of the federal government off of the back of the necks of small businesses.

He told the crowd that as President he would repeal every word of Obamacare, pass a flat tax, secure the border, end sanctuary cities, abolish the IRS, reign in the EPA, rebuild the military, and fight ISIS. He reminded the crowd of the importance the next President will play in appointing Supreme Court justices.

Under a Cruz presidency “We will pass commonsense health care reform that makes health insurance personal and portable and affordable and keeps government from getting in between us and our healthcare.”

“No longer will our military be governed by political correctness.” Cruz continued, promising that as president he would  “defeat radical Islamic terrorists.” The military will no longer have rules of engagement so strict that they have their hands tied behind their backs, said Cruz.

Cruz reminded the Decatur crowd that he would do the same thing with radical Islamic terrorism that former President Ronald Reagan did when he came into office in 1981. He spoke of former President Jimmy Carter weakening America’s military.

“What did Reagan do? He cut taxes, he lifted regulations, we saw millions of new jobs created. It generated trillions in new federal revenue and he used that money to rebuild the military and we bankrupted the Soviet Union and won the Cold War. I intend to do the exact same thing with radical Islamic terrorists.”

Former President Ronald Reagan visited Decatur for a rally with then Vice President George H. W. Bush and to speak at an agricultural forum in 1984 as he campaigned for re-election.

Attendees posted Reagan references:

Cruz asserted again that he is the only one that can beat Donald Trump and go on to beat Hillary in November. “If you are one of the 65-70 per cent of Republicans who recognize that Donald Trump is not the best candidate to go head to head against Hillary,” Cruz said, urging audience members to support him over Trump for President. He invited Rubio and Kasich supporters to instead support his campaign: “We welcome you to our team.”

Cruz cited past Trump donations to disgraced and since imprisoned former politician Rod Blagojevich ($7,000), the Cook Country Democratic Party ($12,500), and Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel ($50,000). “How high would your temperature have to be… where you wake up and say, ‘I know, I need to give seven grand to Blago?” Cruz posited, drawing laughter from the crowd.

“Enough already with the corruption of Washington” Cruz declared after lambasting both Republicans and Democrats in bed with lobbyists.

“If we stand together we will win this nomination and beat Donald Trump, and we will win the general election and beat Hillary Clinton and we will turn the country around,” Cruz declared.

“It took Jimmy Carter to give us Ronald Reagan” he said convinced that the lasting legacy of President Barack Obama will be “a new generation of leaders in the Republican Party who stand and fight for freedom, who stand and fight for the Constitution, who stand and fight for the Judeo-Christian values that built this great nation.”

Speaking to the size of the crowd was this attendee’s post:

Another thanked Cruz for “blessing Decatur”:

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