Report: Anonymous ‘Declares War,’ Unveils Donald Trump’s Social Security, Cell Phone Numbers

Washington, DC

The hacking group Anonymous declared “total war” on GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, and released what it alleges is Trump’s Social Security number and his cell phone number.

Anonymous also posted personal information about Trump, but USA Today reports most of that information was available online.

The group, known for cyber attacks on corporations and the government, posted information on Trump that can already be found pretty easily if you know how to Google things or look through public documents: his birth date and birthplace (Trump birthers, anyone?), the main address for the Trump Organization, his agent, his legal representation, and the names of his parents, wife and kids.

In a recently released video, the hacking group calls people to action, “telling people it was time to stop the ‘forces of evil, bigotry and fascism that have come to the forefront of this election cycle.’”

Anonymous also called Trump an “enemy of the Constitution.”

Trump’s spokesperson, Hope Hicks, although not confirming whether the information was legitimate, told Fortune that “government and law enforcement authorities are seeking the arrest of the people responsible for attempting to illegally hack Mr. Trump’s accounts and telephone information.”