Donald Trump Disrupters Are PC Enforcers, Not ‘Protesters’

Several hundred anti-Trump protesters gather outside the Infinity Event Center where Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was to speak at a campaign rally on March 18, 2016 in Salt Lake City, Utah.
George Frey/Getty Images

Calling a leftist political agitator conducting an organized disruption of a Donald Trump rally a “protester” is like calling a carjacker a “transportation facilitator.”

Rosa Parks was a protester; the Trump rally disrupters are thuggish enforcers. And it’s time Republicans stop blaming the victim when the thugs show up for the cameras.

By a planned, coordinated chorus of shouting, chanting and provocative physical obstructions, these thugs are not affirming anyone’s rights. They are enforcing the canons of political correctness as currently taught in our universities– condoned by the mass media and too often excused by short-sighted politicians too willing to score cheap shots at the expense of vital principles.

Candidate Donald Trump is the number one target today, because he is leading the parade. But it was me yesterday and it may be you or YOUR favorite candidate tomorrow.

A few years ago while still in Congress, I had been invited by the College Young Republicans to speak on the campus of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

  • Students were rioting outside when I got there and also in the small auditorium where I was to speak. Police got me safely into the room but students AND professors were screaming profanities so loud I could not even start my speech.
  • Then bricks started crashing through the windows and the hall was evacuated. I’ve almost always had protesters when I spoke on campus but they had never been able to completely stop me until that day.
  • A similar disruption of a scheduled campus speech at the University of Michigan Law School, when I was invited to speak on immigration reform by a student organization at the school. Sadly, free speech is not more precious or more protected at our nation’s law schools than elsewhere on university campuses.

As I watch what is happening at Trump rallies I am reminded of my own experiences and the thought that I have never seen a group of conservative students – or adults — pull the same violent crap on liberal speakers. Only the left is so frightened of ideas. These totalitarians who disrupt peaceful assembly should be charged with hate crimes, as I have never heard more vile, hate-filled language than that which spews from their mouths.

I been been a vocal supporter of Ted Cruz, but I am ashamed of how he was so quick to join the group-think chorus in blaming Trump’s language for inviting and “inciting” the protesters.

  • Anyone who says or implies that Trump deserves to have his rallies disrupted by throngs of violent, foul-mouthed “street theater” clowns is tacitly justifying their tactics and legitimizing their slanders.
  • Saying that “Trump started it” or “opened the door” is the same as radical Muslims saying a woman who walks down the street alone is inviting rape. His words were evidently “micro-aggressions” that insulted the rights of disrupters to be free of hassles or manhandling when physically violating the rights of others.

Why are so many Republicans willing to allow PC thugs to become the arbiters of acceptable taste and language in political speech? Do they really think the thuggery is aimed only at Trump’s language and not his ideas? Or do they care about such distinctions?

The planning for the organized disruption of candidate Trump’s public events began the day he launched his campaign by attacking illegal immigration and open borders, and the disruptions began as soon as he became the presumed winner of the Republican nomination. Turning the 2016 election into a referendum on Trump’s persona instead of Hillary’s dishonesty and Obama’s legacy is a cornerstone of Democrat strategy.

Do you think any self-respecting progressive would waste his time disrupting a Kasich rally? Or Mitt Romney? Why bother? The left only targets its mortal enemies, not useful idiots who parrot the PC line on cultural diversity, the “religion of peace,” and open borders.