Donald Trump: Trade ‘Totally My Thing,’ Not Hillary Clinton’s ‘Style’

Washington, DC

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump scoffed at Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s trade policies, saying it is “not her thing, it’s totally my thing.”

“I think I’m very different than Hillary Clinton to put it mildly,” Trump told the media at a press conference at the Old Post Office, which is being renovated and will become the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C.

I think we have a very different style. I don’t think she’ll be one [who is] going to do much with our trade agreements, which [are] killing our country. People have no idea how important that is. The money that’s being drained out of our country is enormous and that’s not her thing, it’s totally my thing.

Trump also separated himself from Hillary on military policy.

I think she’ll be very, very weak on the military. I think she’ll be very weak with other countries and the amount of money we subsidized them with our military, which nobody even talks about. So, we have to make our country solid. We have to make our country, frankly, rich.