***Horse Race LiveWire*** Trump Reveals Foreign Policy Team


Welcome to Breitbart News’s live updates of the 2016 horse race.

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10:45: On Fox News, Brewer says the federal government has not protected Americans from illegal immigrants and Trump will. Arpaio says Trump will “act” on illegal immigration and “finally” we’ll get something more than just talk.

10:25: Trump says the powerful “lobbies” want illegal immigration. He says Cruz is also beholden to the lobbyists who do the wrong thing for the country. Trump says he is self-funding the campaign and could have raised five times as much as Bush if he wanted to do so.

10:22: In Hannity’s town hall event, Trump says he will secure the border immediately. He notes that the border agents have his back and cites a story on the Drudge Report. He says Arpaio doesn’t get enough credit for the job he has done re: illegal immigration.

10:19: Sanders says it is “nonsense” that the Clinton campaign is claiming that he is polling better against Trump because he has not been vetted yet. Sanders says a lot of “crap” has been thrown against him while he was running for various offices in Vermont. Sanders says Democrats will support him and he will do better with independents who for, whatever reason, are uncomfortable with Clinton.

10:14: Trump on Fox News:

10:11: Sanders says we should normalize relations with Cuba “in every respect,” especially since Americans can go to China/Saudi Arabia even though they are not democracies “but for some reason, you can’t go to Cuba.”

10:03: Sanders says he has shown much better judgment than Clinton on foreign policy and cites his vote against the Iraq War as proof. He blasts Clinton for praising Henry Kissinger and says he and Clinton look at foreign policy in different ways. He wants a foreign policy that works for Israel, the Palestinians and people throughout the world. He wants America to provide more economic assistance in the Middle East and do more re: water issues and the “devastation in Gaza.” He wants money to go into the region for schools, infrastructure, healthcare instead of for weapons of mass destruction. He says Israel has the right to defend itself but won’t commit to providing the same amount of foreign aid for Israel for military infrastructure.

Re: Jerusalem, Sanders says “I don’t know the answer to that one as well” when asked if he believes Jerusalem should be the capital and the embassy moved to Jerusalem.

10:01: On CNN, Sanders says the security and independence of Israel must remain “in tact” but “we’ve also got to work with the Palestinians” and recognize that in Gaza, there is an unemployment rate of 44% and “people living in horrific poverty” and a community “that has been destroyed.” He says America cannot “just take the side of Israel” and he says America has not been “evenhanded” in the region and looked the other way when Israel has done “bad things.”

9:59: Trump Senior Adviser Miller on NATO:

9:54: Clinton says she doesn’t hear pundits saying male candidates should smile more or are yelling too much and will “leave it at that” when Cooper asks if those criticisms are sexist.

9:51: Clinton doesn’t buy that Sanders does better against Republicans than she does. She says any horse race poll that far out is “meaningless.” The same logic should be applied to Trump’s polls. She says she has been well-vetted and that is why she is the strongest candidate.

9:48: Clinton scrambles when asked if illegal immigrants are being rewarded for breaking the law if they are allowed to stay. She says they need to pay a fine, go to the end of the line and she says she doesn’t “see the purpose” in breaking up families.

9:46: Hillary: Illegal Immigrants Should Be Able to Purchase Obamacare

On CNN, Clinton is asked whether she wants to extend Obamacare to illegal immigrants. She says illegal immigrants should be able to purchase Obamacare plans if they can afford to buy it. But she doesn’t want the subsidies to apply to illegal immigrants because that has to be worked out through comprehensive immigration reform.


Clinton on Garland:

9:43: Cruz says Rubio would be on any VP shortlist after Rubio reported rejected a unity ticket:

9:31: After airing Trump’s interview that had previously aired earlier in the day, CNN is now airing Clinton’s interview with Cooper. She says “on balance” the Iran Deal was the rights step to take but the “slightest infraction” must have consequences. She says it has to be “distrust but verify.”

On Donald Trump, she says he has been engaging in “bluster” and “bigotry” and there are “serious questions” about his qualifications. He says Trump would qualify as a “bully” for inciting his supporters to “go after” protesters.

“Who knows?” Clinton says when Cooper asks if there is a “different Donald Trump” that she knows of. When Cooper asks if the skills used in business are the same ones involved in running government, Clinton says you have much more control over employees in a business than in government. Clinton says “in general” there is a difference and Trump’s behavior raises “questions about what he will do.”

Clinton says potentially moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem is something that has to be looked at in a potential two-state solution. She says she favors using the U.S.’s veto power in the U.N. to protect Israel. She says she was the last person who brought Netanyahu and Abbas together. She says she got more encouragement to pursue a two-state solution after listening to that meeting along with George Mitchell.

Clinton says if Cruz moves the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem on the first day of his presidency, that would end any chance of attaining a two-state solution. She says it could make things more dangerous for Israel.


8:48: Cruz says his staff and Rubio’s staff have not had any conversations about a so-called unity ticket. Cruz again states that he will support Trump if he becomes the nominee but insists Trump will not be the nominee.

8:47: Cruz says he will win a contested convention against Trump if Trump can’t secure enough delegates before the convention.

8:45: Cruz says he has “zero interest” in being Trump’s vice president and says Trump may be the only candidate Clinton can beat in a general election.

8:43: Cruz says every time Trump gets scared, he starts lashing out and insulting people. Cruz says Trump’s entire campaign is built on a lie. He says the lie behind Trump’s campaign is that he’ll stand up to Washington. Cruz says Trump has made millions buying influence in Washington while Clinton has made millions selling influence in Washington.

[Tony Lee: People aren’t buying this argument because they think Trump knows the system and will fight for the people/country as fiercely as he gamed the system for himself. Will say it again–Trump is the athlete people hate but would love to have on their team.]

8:41: Cruz says it was a “remarkable miracle” for Graham to hold a fundraiser for him after recently “calling for my murder.” He says that is a sign of Republicans uniting around his campaign because it is the only that has repeatedly beaten and can beat Trump.

8:26: Cruz says he listened to some of Trump’s speech and it is clear he hired someone to write the speech for him. Cruz says when Trump says he wants to be “neutral” re: Palestinians/Israelis, he is buying into the “moral equivalency” pushed by the media. Cruz says Trump is an interesting character because he can have multiple policy positions in a day. Cruz says in order to have a peace deal, the Palestinians need to recognize Israel as a Jewish State and renounce terrorism, stop paying the families of terrorists. He says Trump/Clinton both accept “moral equivalency.” He says Trump’s knowledge of the world is limited and again dings him for referring to “Palestine.” Cruz says Trump/Clinton won’t move the embassy to Jerusalem. Cruz says moving the embassy to Jerusalem will send a message to our friends and allies. “It makes a statement to every one of our allies that America is back,” Cruz says. He says though Iran will be furious, it makes a statement to the radical Islamic terrorists that America will stand up to them and the era of appeasement under Clinton/Obama is over.

Cruz defends foreign policy adviser Frank Gaffney, and he praises Gaffney’s work fighting jihadism and potential EMP attacks. When Blitzer keeps pushing him on Gaffney’s past quotes, Cruz says he refuses to play the media’s “gotcha” game and wants to talk about issues Americans care about.

He blasts Obama for sipping mojitos with Communist dictators in Cuba but not having the time to meet with dissidents. He blasts the left for glorifying “chic” dictators.


8:20: Kasich says Trump’s language re: riots is “not acceptable” but does not answer question re: whether he will call the Ohio National Guard for the convention.

8:18: Kasich blasts Romney for his robocalls. He notes that CNN’s poll found him doing the best against Clinton in the general. He says he has the domestic/foreign policy experience to beat Clinton. When asked about Cruz’s comments that Kasich is auditioning to be Trump’s vice president, Kasich says there is “zero” chance he will be the vice president for either.

8:15: Kasich again says he favors a path to legalization and not citizenship re: immigration. He’s given the answer about 767,765.46484 times this election season. And reporters keep asking him the same question.

[Tony Lee: At some point, these candidate forums that the networks have to get ratings become tedious. Viewers may want to just rather watch NIT basketball, the women’s NCAA tournament or even shows like Gotham and Castle. Town hall events where regular people get to ask unscripted questions are much more compelling.]

8:02: CNN reporters are interviewing the five candidates tonight. First up is Kasich with Anderson Cooper. He says there could be some back-channel communications that could lead to peace in the Middle East. When asked about Jerusalem being the “eternal capital” of Israel, Kasich says “take the statement for what it is. It is the eternal capital of Israel.”

Kasich, responding to Trump’s comments on NATO, says we have to strengthen NATO because “we want our allies to share intelligence with us” and they have to be in the coalition that would destroy ISIS. He says he would never speak like Trump re: NATO because you have to be careful what you say as a leader. “He’s dead wrong on NATO,” he says.

Kasich says it was a “terrible mistake” to overthrow Qaddafi in Libya.


8:00: Joel Pollak’s grades for all of the candidates at AIPAC.

7:28: According to one reporter, crowd more enthusiastic about Trump than Cruz:


7:22: Networks don’t want to air candidates who are predictable, repeat the same lines over and over and over again in the same tone:

7:20: Cruz says our aid to Israel is not “charity” but furthering the national security interests of America.

7:19: Cruz says “Israel is not the barrier to peace” but the Palestinian Authority and its unity government with hamas that celebrates terror.

7:13: Cruz asks attendees if he had asked them years ago  to imagine if the Prime Minister of Israel would address a joint session of Congress and the president, vice president, and leading Democrats would boycott the speech… Cruz says, unlike Trump, he will not be “neutral” and America will stand “unapologetically” with Israel. Cruz also says he will reimpose sanctions on Iraq on the first day he is in office.

7:09: Cruz blasts Clinton for once saying that Hamas puts rockets in schools because Gaza is “densely populated.”

7:05: Cruz on Graham fundraiser:

7:03: Cruz, taking a shot at Trump and echoing George Will’s criticism, opens his speech by saying that Palestine has not existed since 1948.

6:53: Trump calls Hamas the “Palestinian ISIS” and says we will move our embassy to Jerusalem (“eternal capital”). “And we will send a clear signal that there is no daylight between American and our most reliable ally, the state of Israel,” he says. Trump says the Palestinians must come to the table knowing that the bond between the United States and Israel is “absolutely, totally unbreakable.” Trump says Palestinians must come to the table willing to stop the terror that is committed daily against Israel. He says they also must accept that Israel is a Jewish state and will forever exist as a Jewish state.

“I love the people in this room,” Trump says. “I love Israel.” Trump says he and his father have received some of the biggest honors from Israel. He says his daughter Ivanka is about to have a “beautiful, Jewish baby.”

6:50: Trump says in Palestinian textbook and mosques, there is a hatred that has been “fermenting for years” and they have to “end the education of hatred and they have to end it now.” He says there is no “moral equivalency” because Israel does not name public squares after terrorists and Israel does not pay Palestinians to stab random Israelis. He says what Obama gets wrong about dealmaking is he puts pressure on our friends and rewards our enemies.

6:47: Trump says when he becomes president, the days of treating Israel like a “second-class citizen will end on day one.” He says “and when I say something, I mean it.” Trump says he will meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu immediately. He says he has known him for many years and he will work with him to bring peace to Israel and the entire region. Trump says there are children being taught every day to hate Israel and the Jews. “It has to stop,” he says. “When  you live in a society where the firefighters are the heroes, little kids want to be firefighters. When you live in a society where athletes and movie stars are the  heroes, little kids want to be athletes and movie stars. In Palestinian society, the heroes are those who murder Jews. We can’t let this continue.” Trump says you can’t have peace when martyrs are treated as heroes.

6:44: Trump says you can’t reward terror and “there’s only one way you treat that kind of behavior–you have to confront it.” He also says a U.N. peace deal would “delegitimize” Israel and he would veto any U.N. deal that would impose its will on the Jewish state.

6:43: Crowd goes wild after Trump says “Obama in his final year–yay!”

6:42: Trump now blasts the “utter weakness and incompetence of the United Nations.” He says the UN is not a friend of “democracy,” “freedom,” “the United Staes of America.” He says it “surely is not a friend Israel.”

6:37: Trump says as president, America will stand up to Iran’s aggressive push to destabilize the Middle East and dominate the region. Trump says Iran provides more and better weapons to support their puppet states “literally every day.” Trump says we will “totally dismantle Iran’s global terror network,” which is “big and powerful” but “not powerful like us.” Trump says we must enforce the terms of the previous deal to hold Iran totally accountable and we will enforce it like “we’ve never seen a contract enforced before. Believe me.” Trump says “Israel must be wiped off the face of the earth” is painted on missiles in Hebrew/Farsi. He asks “what kind of demented” minds would write that in Hebrew?

6:34: Trump says the Iran Deal is “catastrophic” for America, Israel, and the whole of the Middle East. Trump says we have rewarded the world’s top sponsor of terror with $150 billion without receiving anything in return. He says Iran just wants to run out the clock while keeping the billions we “so foolishly gave them.”

6:32: Trump says he was the Grand Marshal of the Israel Day Parade at the height of the violence between Palestinians/Israelis in 2004. He says it was a dangerous time for many supporting Israel and he took the risk of accepting the honor while many turned it down. He says he is not here to pander. “I came here to speak to you about where I stand” on the future between American and our “cultural brother” and “only democracy in the Middle East”–the state of Israel. He says his no. 1 priority is to dismantle the disastrous deal with Iran.

6:29: Trump takes the stage at AIPAC. He says “I speak to you today as a lifelong supporter and true friend of Israel.” He says he is a “newcomer to politics” but “not to backing the Jewish state.”

6:20: Sanders blasts media at Utah rally:

5:55: Kasich slams Palestinians for promoting a “culture of death.”

5:50: Anti-Trump protesters with Hitler/Nazi imagery outside of AIPAC event:

5:35: Trump says there is always “drama” with Clinton and says “crazier things have happened” when asked if Cruz could possibly be his running mate.

5:34: Trump says Megyn Kelly is the one with a Trump “obsession.” He says Kelly and Roger Ailes want him on her show for a “primetime special” so badly. He says Kelly should give Trump half of her salary because she has been elevated after attacking him.

5:32: Trump says Megyn Kelly attacks him every night and her ratings would plummet if she didn’t criticize him. She says the show is a negative infomercial about him. “Not fair,” he says. “I will fight back on Twitter… and let people know she’s a third-rate talent.” Trump says if Kelly didn’t talk about him, her “ratings would go down like a rock.”

5:30: When asked if his language re: women will come back to haunt him, he says half of it was “show business.” And he says politicians say “far worse” behind closed doors. He says nobody respects women more than he does. He says he will take care of women with women’s health issues far better than Hillary Clinton.

5:25: Trump says if he is denied the nomination at the convention “of course there could be riots.” Trump says he will tell his supporters not to riot but adds that he has “no control” over them. He says his supporters are disenfranchised and have seen their jobs go to Mexico, China, Japan. He says they are not by nature angry people but are angry now. He asks “are we so politically correct that I can’t say” there may be riots.

5:18: Trump says he would “probably” normalize economic deals with Cuba but would make better deals. He says he would open a Trump Hotel in Cuba.

5:15: Trump says his message to the rabbis is that he will be “great for Israel.” “I will be very good for Israel,” he says. Trump says Obama’s election has been one of the worst things to ever happen to Israel. Trump says he is the “least racist” person and he has no idea why anti-Semitic groups are supporting him. He says he doesn’t want their support and doesn’t need it and condemns those groups.

Trump on NATO:

5:10: On CNN, Trump says Israel’s security is “non-negotiable” and blasts Clinton for saying that Trump doesn’t have “steady hands” while she got American into the mess in Libya. Trump says “look at what she’s done.” Trump says he is “very pro-Israel” and has “many awards from Israel.” He claims there is nobody who is “more pro-Israel than I am.” Trump says the Palestinians have to “end terror” for him to be neutral. He says they have to stop the “stabbings, the weapons, the military…” Trump says he would veto the deal with the United Nations if it forces a deal down the throats of Israel/Palestine. Trump says Palestinians are born with a certain mindset to hate Jews and that has to stop.

4:55: Graham praises Cruz’s staunch support of Israel:

4:39: Code Pink protesting Trump’s AIPAC speech:

4:25: Report: GOP Donors Tired After Spending Nearly $520 on failed GOP presidential campaigns–and their failed GOP Smart Set consultants.

4:20: Failed candidate Perry wants Kasich to drop out:

4:18: Nobody Cares:

4:15: Graham at Cruz fundraiser:

3:55: Trump up big in Arizona:

3:49: Trump says DeMint helping him with potential Supreme Court nominees. Will DeMint now be blacklisted by the Smart Set?

3:45: From Breitbart’s Alex Swoyer: Video: Trump takes more questions after D.C. press conference.

3:43: Trump says he wouldn’t take salary as president.

3:20: Will DeMint now be added to the blacklist?

3:18: Livingston says “Never Trump” people think they are smarter than American people (because they are masters of minutiae and tactics!!):

3:11: Sanders says the American Dream is in reverse:


3:10: Trump’s “impromptu” job interview at press conference:

[Tony Lee: Trump and his campaign campaign remind me of Dirty Sexy Money, a great and very enjoyable television show that unfortunately lasted for only two seasons. The great Natalie Zea also played Karen Darling so perfectly.]

3:06: Trump says Mexico is one of the toughest places to become a citizen. He says the “Mexican people like me” even though the country’s officials don’t. He also blasts “professional agitators” in Arizona. “These are not good people,” he says. “The people who are supporters are unbelievably good people.” Trump says the people who are against him “are not really against me.” He says they were on the phone with him an hour before asking for a meeting.

3:05: Cruz, Rubio talking about Florida delegates:

3:00: Anti-Trump protester in Kansas City arrested for slapping police horse in the face:

Police say that’s when the suspect, 29-year-old April J. Foster, approached an officer and his horse, Dan, and began screaming in the horse’s face in an attempt to scare him. When that did not work, Foster reportedly slapped the horse in the face with an open hand.

2:55: Trump hires woman at press conference:

2:50: Trump blasts Warren: “You mean the Indian?”

2:42: CNN reporter asks Castro if he prefers Clinton or Trump:

2:40: Graham holding fundraiser for Cruz:

2:35: Obama and Castro:

2:12: Romney being Romney.

2:10: Gingrich leaving Trump meeting:

2:05: More from Trump meeting:

1:58: Let’s see if DeMint is added to the blacklist.


1:52: Fake Native-American Elizabeth Warren goes on Twitter rant, calls Trump a “loser.”

Flashback: Warren’s one tough woman:


1:50: Trump holding press conference this afternoon at Old Post Office Building in D.C.


1:45: Sanders’s statement on Obama/Cuba:

Sanders says his political revolution is “resonating all over the world.”

1:37: More dishonesty from the Clinton campaign:

1:35: Trump reveals some members of his foreign policy team, per the Washington Post:

“Walid Phares, who you probably know. Ph.D., adviser to the House of Representatives. He’s a counter-terrorism expert,” Trump said. “Carter Page, Ph.D. George Papadopoulos. He’s an oil and energy consultant. Excellent guy. The honorable Joe Schmitz, [was] inspector general at the Department of Defense. General Keith Kellogg. And I have quite a few more. But that’s a group of some of the people that we are dealing with. We have many other people in different aspects of what we do. But that’s pretty representative group.”

1:32: Utah Gov. Herbert says he will be voting for Cruz on Tuesday:

1:30: Mitt Romney’s robocalls for Ted Cruz in Utah: