Former Al Gore Staffer Larry Haas: European Leadership Plagued by ‘Multiculturalism,’ ‘Reluctance to Make Judgments About Western Values’

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Washington, DC

Larry Haas, former Communications Director for Vice President Al Gore and author of the new book Harry and Arthur: Truman, Vandenberg, and the Partnership That Created the Free World, joined Breitbart News Daily today and seemed to draw a stark contrast between how he thinks former leaders like Truman and Vandenberg would have handled current issues like global jihad versus how Western leaders and institutions are reacting today.

Asked by Stephen K. Bannon on SiriusXM about perceived problems in leadership when it comes to defending the West and its institutions today and the impact of multiculturalism, Haas said, “There is no doubt about it … institutions do not have a life in and of themselves. They are what people make of them. And there’s no question that the heart and soul of problem that we’re having right now has to do with mind-set. It has to do with hesitancy. It has to do with multiculturalism. It has to do with a reluctance to make judgments about Western values and Western ideology.”

“NATO,” added Hass, “the United Nations and the other institutions that were created in the aftermath of World War II to create the architecture of the West are only as good as the confidence of the people who are running them. And to the extent that we have hesitancy in proudly promoting Western values, in making judgments about whether freedom is better than authoritarianism, whether democracy is better than autocracy – to the extent that we have reluctance, that we have hesitancy, these institutions are not going to work.”

When asked how past leaders like Harry Vandenberg and Harry Truman would likely respond today in the face of continued terror attacks like what the world is seeing in Brussels today, Haas said, “I think they’d be much more judgmental, in the sense of being robustly in favor of doing whatever we need to do to ensure freedom and democracy continue to rein in the Western World and we would do what we need to do, obviously within the law, to ensure that our institutions are strong and that we take strong action against those who threaten our institutions.”

Added Haas, “They would be a little bit aghast at the extent to which there is a reluctance in the Western World to be judgmental. They’d be aghast at the fact that the West is not putting all of its resources on a very consistent basis into taking this jihadist threat as seriously as it needs to be taken and do whatever needs to be done to ensure the strength and health and continuity of freedom and free institutions and democratic processes all across the Western World.”

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