Missouri GOP Primary Election Results to Be Certified ‘Roughly Around Tax Day’

Republican presidential candidate, businessman Donald Trump speaks to Republican presidential candidate, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, at a break during the Fox Business Network Republican presidential debate at the North Charleston Coliseum, Thursday, Jan. 14, 2016, in North Charleston, S.C. (AP Photo/Chuck Burton)
AP Photo/Chuck Burton
Washington, DC

Although GOP frontrunner Donald Trump inched out Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) in the Missouri GOP primary last week, the election results have yet to be certified.

An official from the Missouri Secretary of State’s office told Breitbart News that under state statute, Missouri has four weeks from the election date to certify the results after receiving the election packets from local districts.

Breitbart News learned the results should be certified “roughly around tax day,” which is about three weeks away on April 15th.

If Trump defeats Cruz by less than .5 percent, Cruz will then have seven days to formally request a recount once the results have officially been certified.

According to CBS News, Missouri allocated 37 delegates to Trump and 15 delegates to Cruz based on the unofficial election results.

Executive director for the Missouri GOP Jonathon Prouty explained, “The MO GOP has released our tentative delegate allocation tally, but it will not be final until certification of the election results by the SOS.”