***Horse Race LiveWire*** Sanders Looks to Sweep Alaska, Washington, Hawaii


Welcome to Breitbart News’s live updates of the 2016 horse race.

All times eastern.

Democrats caucus today in Alaska, Washington, and Hawaii.

[Sunday] 8:51: Sanders win confirmed in Hawaii:

(AP) Bernie Sanders netted nearly three dozen delegates after his win in Hawaii, having swept three states. It’s a solid showing, but it didn’t significantly tighten Hillary Clinton’s overall big lead.

Sanders needs to win 67 percent of the remaining delegates and uncommitted superdelegates through June to be able to clinch the Democratic nomination. So far he’s only winning 37 percent.

With 25 Hawaii delegates at stake, Sanders picked up 17. Clinton gained eight. That means in Saturday’s contests, Sanders won a total of 55 delegates, having also won Washington state and Alaska. Clinton picked up 20.

More delegates are likely to be allocated to Sanders in several weeks, when the Washington state Democratic party releases vote shares by district. Still, Clinton maintains a wide advantage in delegates. Based on primaries and caucuses to date, she’s won 1,243 delegates to Sanders’ 975.

Clinton’s lead is even bigger when including superdelegates, or party officials who can back any candidate they wish. Including superdelegates, Clinton has 1,712 delegates to Sanders’ 1,004. It takes 2,383 to win.

8:20: Hawaii caucuses under way. Huge turnout:


7:15: Sanders again blasts Gov. Walker. Says his victory of the unions will be a “short-lived” one.

7:10: Good point about this being Sanders’s first “true” victory speech. Sanders’s Madison supporters sounded like fans of the  U.S. men’s national soccer team (even after their terrible loss to Guatemala) by chanting “We believe that we will win!”

7:07: Interesting prediction:

7:05: Newt on Sanders’s huge win:

7:02: Updated delegate count:

6:58: Sanders now appealing to Native Americans. He says Native Americans were treated “absolutely disgracefully” before “we became a country.” He says “they were lied to” and “treaties that were negotiated in good faith were broken.” He says we owe the “Native American people more than we can repay them.”

6:50: Sanders says he will use executive power to give illegal immigrants a path to citizenship if Congress doesn’t act.

6:31: Sanders says his campaign is creating a lot of energy that will lead to huge voter turnout in November and implies that Clinton is not energizing progressives. Sanders gives his crowd a “news alert” and says “we just won the state of Washington.” Madison crowd goes wild. Sanders slams GOP candidates for attacking their wives and also slams Wisconsin Gov. Walker to gin up his left-wing base re: allegations of voter suppression.

6:29: Sanders projected to win Washington.

6:27: Sanders says “this is what momentum is.” He says he trailed Clinton by 60 points when the campaign started and now a national poll has him leading by a point.

6:18: Sanders takes the stage in Wisconsin. Terrible timing. People in Oregon are watching the basketball game and not hearing any of the speech. Sanders wants to thank the people of Alaska “for giving us a resounding victory tonight.” Sanders says he knew from day one that his campaign was going to have a tough time in the deep South but knew things were going to improve as the campaign headed West. Sanders says it is hard for anyone to deny that his campaign has all of the momentum.”

5:45: Washington Update (19% reporting):

Sanders 75.8%
Clinton 23.9%

5:35: Your democracy in action in Alaska:

5:19: Big crowd in Madison, Wisconsin (after the Badgers’s heartbreaking loss to Notre Dame last night) awaiting Sanders. It would be ideal for Sanders to speak before Oregon-Oklahoma tips off to get his message to progressives in Oregon before they cheer on Dillon Brooks (Coach K’s comments to him were ridiculous), et al.

5:18: Sanders projected to win Alaska:

4:45: Sanders up big in Alaska (Sanders 78%, Clinton 22%):

From Alaska Public Media: “An Alaska Democratic Party press release says, with 6/40 districts reporting in, Bernie Sanders is in the lead with 78% of the vote and 62 of the state’s delegates. Hillary Clinton trails with 22% of the vote and 14 of the state’s delegates.”

4:10: Big turnout in Washington:

3:57: Sanders winning precincts in Alaska by huge margins:


3:52: Washington Update (7% reporting): Sanders: 75.3%, Clinton 24.7%

3:35: Trump: ‘Illegals Out’:

3:30: More good news for Sanders in Washington. Last night, Sanders said if he wins Washington, he will win Oregon and California and there will be a “real path toward victory.”

3:20: Trump blasts Cruz for saying he was behind the National Enquirer story and claims the media are after him on women:

2:45: Sanders supporters launch petition demanding super delegates support winner of WA caucuses:

2:35: Sanders has to have massive wins today:

2:14: There seems to be lots of enthusiasm for Sanders in Alaska as well:

2:09: Trump = “America First”:

2:05: Sanders seems to be doing well at some early caucus locations:

2:00: Big turnout in Washington. Some locations reportedly out of voter registration forms: