***Horse Race LiveWire*** Cruz to Address CO GOP Convention; Trump Clashes with Anti-Trump WI Radio Host

Mitt Romney whoa (Rick Bowmer / Associated Press)
Rick Bowmer / Associated Press

Welcome to Breitbart News’s live updates of the 2016 horse race.

All times eastern.

10:39: Rubio asks CA Sec. of State to take his name off of CA GOP primary ballot.

10:30: Interesting admission from left-wing New York Times columnist Frank Rich on CNN. He says he now fears that Trump could actually win the nomination.

10:20: Cruz on Hannity:

10:05: Report: Romney tried to broker meeting between Cruz/Kasich camps to deny Trump the delegates he needs to win GOP nomination:

10:02: Trump Tweeting again about illegal immigration and “international gangs” in our cities:

10:00: Trump says “Lyin’ Ted” wants to debate him because Cruz is losing big:

9:55: Geraldo dresses up as Trump on “Dancing with the Stars.” And then he was the first person eliminated this season.

8:41: Anti-Trump agitators at it again in Wisconsin:

8:25: Easy for Obama to talk favorably about the media when they are on his side and give him the benefit of the doubt. Would Obama say the same things if he were deemed guilty until he was proven innocent on every issue?

7:45: Trump predicts he won’t get Walker’s endorsement:

7:30: Cruz challenges Trump to one-on-one debate. Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson says Cruz will not dictate Trump’s schedule.

7:26: Clinton to hold rally at Apollo Theater:

7:25: Clinton on Wisconsin:

6:55: YouGov Poll: Majority (including 62% of independents) Support Muslim Ban:

6:30: Trump and Johnson recently spoke:

6:00: Give CNN’s Wolf Blitzer a lot of credit. When a Cruz supporter (Cruz’s foreign policy adviser should better know the positions of his opponents) claimed that Trump said the U.S. should get out of NATO, Blitzer, who is a foreign policy expert, immediately corrected him and said that is not what Trump said. Blitzer said Trump never said the U.S. should pull out of NATO. “He didn’t talk about pulling out of NATO,” Blitzer said. “He said reduce the U.S. investment [and let the other NATO allies spend more of their GDP on NATO).”

Earlier, Blitzer pointed out that Trump’s staff failed him by not telling him that Wisconsin radio host Sykes has said he is a supporter of the “Never Trump” movement while Scottie Hughes futilely tried to defend Trump’s staff. A good job by Blitzer questioning a pro-Trump guest and an anti-Trump guest. Many television hosts lack subject-matter expertise, especially when questioning conservatives, to effectively question guests or call them out when they misstate someone’s positions.

5:30: Fiorina in Wisconsin for Cruz:

5:25: Walker announcement coming tomorrow:

5:15: Cruz writes in NY Daily News: Why Bill Bratton’s Wrong & I’m Right on Terrorism

Bratton has a difficult job, and I am grateful for all he does to keep the people of New York safe. I also understand that politically, he has no choice but to implement the de Blasio-Obama liberal agenda. But his explanation for dismantling the unit makes no sense; it ignores the nature of the threat that we face from radical Islam.

Simply put, demographic trends are not static. They are dynamic. They change over time. The pockets of New York City that are fertile grounds for terrorist recruitment today may not be fertile grounds next year, and places without a significant radical presence right now may become hotbeds of terrorist activity in the future. To say that the work of a vital intelligence unit “was finished” is not plausible. It is the excuse of an administration grasping for anything to justify what was obviously a surrender to political correctness

5:10: Kasich Super PAC Ad: Vote for Cruz Is a Vote for Clinton:

5:00: Clinton, Sanders camp arguing about delegate math:

4:45: Anti-Trump forces still outspending Trump in Wisconsin:

4:39: Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT): ‘Too Many Unanswered Questions’ to Pledge Trump Support Now:

4:30: Cruz in Wisconsin:

4:20: Former Obama Campaign Manager Plouffe: ‘I believe Hillary Clinton has zero chance of not being the Democratic nominee.’

4:00: Fiorina to Wisconsin to campaign for Cruz:

3:50: State Dept. Claims ‘virtually every foreign leader’ concerned about GOP candidates.

3:30: Sanders campaign has already raised $4 million since Saturday’s three-state sweep.

3:18: White House: Don’t take Trump lightly:

3:15: Cruz signs a root beer in Wisconsin. Another fan asked him to sign money, but Cruz says he doesn’t sign money:

3:05: Kasich campaign making argument to anti-Trump/Hillary Republicans:

3:00: White House also reportedly on lockdown:

2:55: U.S. Capitol Complex reportedly on lockdown. Shooter reportedly “down.”

2:50: You don’t hear him calling for reporters to ask Clinton more tough questions after softballs are repeatedly lobbed at her in nearly every debate/interview:

2:45: Secret Service Won’t Allow Guns Inside GOP Convention:

2:35: In Wisconsin, Cruz rails against candidates who have “gone to the gutter” to “make sleazy attacks.” When asked if Trump owes Heidi an apology, he gives this answer:

2:30: This is why the Republican establishment and the career tacticians in the conservative industrial complex hate Trump so much:

2:25: On CNN, Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon tips his cap to Sanders for sweeping Hawaii, Washington, Alaska but says the Sanders campaign is flailing while trying to explain their path forward. He says it is still only March (only for a few more days) and there will be more time in April to decide whether there will be more debates between Sanders and Clinton. He says the Sanders campaign is struggling for attention because they have an uphill climb in the delegate battle.

2:10: Sanders campaign believes there are super delegates who back him but won’t go public yet:

2:05: Trump clashes with anti-Trump Wisconsin radio host Sykes. [Why does the Trump campaign professionals send him out to do interviews with people like Tamron Hall on the left and Sykes on the right who want to do nothing but destroy him?]

2:02: Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) says he’d stump with Trump if he is the nominee. That means nine GOP Senators up for re-election will now definitely support Trump if he’s the nominee.

2:00: Clinton camp: More debates depend on Sanders’s ‘tone.’

1:57: Kasich fundraising off Trump/Cruz feud over wives.

1:55: Cruz will speak at Colorado’s GOP convention. Trump and Kasich may attend as well: