Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson Open to Joining Donald Trump on Campaign Trail: ‘It’d be the Ronald and the Donald’

Ron Johnson (Reuters) Donald Trump (AP)
Washington, DC

Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson, who faces a challenger in his upcoming election, said he is open to joining GOP frontrunner Donald Trump on the campaign trail.

“Stump with Trump?” Johnson stated during an interview with CNN on Monday. “Just because it rhymes: It’d be the Ronald [and] the Donald.”

Former Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI) is challenging Johnson, and the Washington Examiner reports, “Feingold stands a good chance of winning back his old seat.”

“Certainly, as I travel the state extensively, I hear a lot of support because what Donald Trump is saying resonates with an awful lot of people when it comes to the incompetence of Washington, D.C.,” Johnson stated. “From what I’ve heard, Trump is running very strong up in the Northwest [part of Wisconsin] … that should also help me a bit, too.”