Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Rages Against Donald Trump: ‘You Are Not Welcome’ in Mexico

Vicente Fox Cancun

Former Mexican president Vicente Fox tweeted a selfie of himself smiling in Cancun, telling GOP frontrunner Donald Trump “YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE” in his latest rage against the billionaire and his plan to halt uncontrolled illegal immigration from Mexico.

The viral tweet topped off a fresh Fox Twitter rant the former president typed in English.

Fox appears to have rescinded his ignored offer to “come visit” Mexico after Trump proposed to tax remittances flowing into Mexico from illegal aliens working off the books or using stolen Americans’ identities in the United States. On Wednesday, he balked at the very idea of taxation (indeed, Fox did deliver a speech at a libertarian conference in 2015).

Fox has denounced Trump repeatedly for say as president he’d build a wall on a dangerous and unsecured southern border. He recently taped a mock debate with Trump, again blasting Trump’s proposed wall, and wrote up his statements in a Guardian op-ed while calling Trump a “dictator.”

Trump’s senior policy adviser Stephen Miller responded to criticism of Trump’s immigration plans on Thursday:

“Several decades of open-borders policies with Mexico have primarily helped two groups in Mexico: drug cartels that are terrorizing the country and corrupt politicians that have refused to implement social reforms, political reforms, economic reforms,” he told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. “If we continue the same policy of illegal immigration, Mexico is going to stay poor forever.”