Florida Student Arrested During Fight Had 62 Suspensions, 102 Disciplinary Actions

Student Arrest AP
Pinellas Park, FL

An 18-year-old high school student in Florida was arrested after engaging in a fight with another student, police said. Upon investigation, police discovered the brawler had 62 suspensions and 102 disciplinary actions on his school record.

Police responded to Pinellas Secondary School in Pinellas Park, Florida to quell a fight that broke out in the school’s cafeteria and discovered Malik Wilson throwing punches at another teen at about 7 AM on April 6. Wilson was so enraged he refused to stop grappling and swinging, even when officers ordered him to cease.

Officers had to resort to pepper spray to subdue the teen.

School officials say the fight was so violent that they evacuated the area and, according to the complaint, the situation “required the crisis team to respond and disrupted not only food preparation and service, but testing of both high school and middle school students as well as transportation by buses.”

Police reported that upon reviewing Wilson’s record they found a long history of troublemaking. The student had “102 disciplinary referrals, including striking another student, numerous disruptions, and possession of a dangerous implement.” The records also show that he served 31 in school and 31 out-of-school suspensions.

The teen was arrested on misdemeanor disorderly conduct and posted a $250 bond at the county jail.

Pinellas Secondary School is an “alternative” school where troubled students are sent to continue schooling ahead of being permanently expelled. According to school Principal Darren W. Hammond, “Our hope is that their time spent at Pinellas Secondary will help prepare them for their future endeavors such as college, an industry career, or any other career of their choosing.”

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