Marco Rubio: ‘I’m Not Going To Be Vice President’

Republican presidential candidate U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), flanked by his family, speaks to supporters at a primary night rally on March 15, 2016 in Miami, Florida.
Angel Valentin/Getty Images

Sen. Marco Rubio says he would not accept the job of Vice President if it’s offered it by the eventual Republican nominee.

“I’m not going to be the Vice President,” he says in an interview with Mark Levin on Levin TV, referring to inauguration day in January 2017.

Instead, he explained, he would be a “private citizen” after giving up his Senate seat to run for president. Rubio said that he had no regrets of giving up his seat but left his future options open after failing to win the Republican nomination for president.

He explained that trying to run for re-election as a U.S. Senator and also pursue the presidency would have put the party in his state at a “huge disadvantage.”

“That would be a selfish and reckless thing to do and I chose not to do it that way,” he said. Rubio dropped out of the Republican presidential primary in February after losing badly to Donald Trump in Florida.

“It wasn’t God’s will,” he said, looking back at the race.

He said he would look for a job in the private sector, but vowed not to be a lobbyist.

“We’ll continue to look for new opportunities both in the private sector but also, you know how we can serve the country and see what God’s will and plan is for our life moving forward,” he said.