School Crowns Autistic Teen Prom Queen, Escorted by Brother

Autistic Prom Queen Fox 9

Hudson High School in Hudson, WI, crowned Surreia Bennett, who has autism, as their prom queen.

“Every day for about 2 months she talked about being Prom Queen, and she would send people emojis of a crown. I guess that’s her way of asking for votes,” explained her brother and best friend Noah.

Doctors diagnosed Surreia with autism 15 years ago. She could not talk at 6-years-old and still struggled at 11-years-old. But Noah’s friendship helped her out.

“He would just come up alongside her and love her, and teach her, and build this friendship with her. And I really believe it’s because of Noah that Surreia’s able to do many of the things she’s able to do,” said their mother Donna.

Surreia and Noah had their own dates, but Noah wanted to escort his sister. “I love Surreia. I’d do anything for her. Sometimes, of course, it’s hard to do that but it’s great, it’s fine. I’d do anything for her,” he said.