Cleveland Rocks: Is The Forest City Ready For GOP Convention Chaos?

Quicken Loans Arena, known as The Q, home to the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team and venue for the 2016 Republican Convention is seen in Cleveland, Ohio on April 7, 2016.
William Edwards/AFP/Getty Images

Cleveland cops could face a huge threat from potential rioters at the GOP’s convention this summer — and experts doubt the city’s police are ready to handle the demonstrators.

“I personally am very concerned about what we’re going to see in Cleveland because they simply don’t have the infrastructure,” law enforcement expert John Cardillo told Breitbart News Saturday with guest host and Washington Political Editor Matthew Boyle.

“Cleveland was a horrible choice for the convention, the police department is small, clearly they didn’t have enough hotel rooms, they didn’t have the facilities needed to handle an event of this size,” Cardillo explained.

The [police] department simply is not equipped, it doesn’t have the temporary headquarters vehicles, the command vehicle, the manpower. So what Cleveland is going to do is supplement with neighboring departments. Their going to bring in the Ohio State troopers, their going to do what they call ‘fly-in cops’ from neighboring sheriff departments, county police agencies, small departments. But then what happens? Then those departments are understaffed and those departments are left with less manpower. When you bring those officers in from other departments, you don’t know them, you haven’t trained with them. You don’t know how they react to these things how they’re equipped. A small thirty-man department doesn’t really engage in disorder control because they don’t need to. They don’t have protests in a small town or rural county. So now you’ve got cops out their with supervisors who don’t know them don’t know their strengths, don’t know their weaknesses, who have never been trained in disorder control. They’re wearing and using gear they’ve never used before and we’re putting them out there as the front phalanx to safeguard Republican Presidential candidates.

Cardillo also explained how the NYPD had successfully controlled the anti-Donald Trump protesters on Thursday.

Cardillo was able to provide insight into how NYPD was able to get the job done. “It’s almost unfair to compare the NYPD to other agencies with regards to disorder control, which is what they call this, because the NYPD literally wrote the book on it,” he said.

Back in the 90’s there was a chief in the NYPD named Louis Anemone who started realizing that these protests were organized and he treated them like organized crime and he started to understand that you needed specialized units who only train in this. So NYPD went to that, he literally wrote a book on this and went around the world training other departments. So the NYPD …they’re one of the few departments that has a dedicated disorder control unit. They have an entire group of cops trained only to do this. They train daily on how to form certain formations, how to use vehicles, how to coordinate with the mounted unit, the canine units. All they do is train on what formations they can assemble in to best control crowds in varying degrees of size, strength, geography, etc. So the NYPD is probably the best equipped department in the world to handle these protests.

Boyle also spoke with former NYPD Detective Bo Dietl to get his take on how the NYPD controlled the Thursday protests and how other departments should prepare for unrest. “The first thing you have to do right, is you have to have the intelligence that something is going to happen and you have to have the proper manpower,” Dietl said.

You have to control [the demonstrators]. Then you divide up the crowd into sections so you don’t have one tumultuous crowd in one area. You see that when we do the New Years Eve gala in Time Square. It is not just one mass of people because you can’t take the trouble makers out of there. So you try to divide them and put them into compartmentalization areas where you can control a smaller amount of people because if you … together you can’t see actually whats going on in the middle and then what you’re able to do when you see a real troublemaker you can remove him out of the midst this way before it becomes more and more because people get brave when they are in a crowd and when they are hiding and throwing things or doing something. But you can observe them and take the troublemakers out before it accelerates.

Dietl also had sharp words for New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio. “One of the thing I wasn’t happy about was about a year and half ago when they were protesting about ‘What do we want? Dead cops now!” and they let them shut down bridges and roadways,” Dietl said.

To me that is disgusting and that should have never been allowed. Then after that we had two cops assassinated in NYC … This mayor, Big Bird DeBlasio, made the environment for these people to have these demonstrations, and to shut down roads and bridges. People work all day — these were at 5 o’clock — people worked all day and all of sudden all they want to do is go home and have dinner and they have to be in traffic for two-and-a-half hours for these demonstrators. You want to demonstrate, I am for demonstrations, peaceful demonstrations. But you don’t take away the rights of good law abiding citizens by closing down roadways, and destroying people’s property. You can demonstrate, demonstrate, that is what our country is all about.

“I’m not getting the directives of this Big Bird De Blasio mayor,” Dietl said. “I will continue to call him Big Bird because he is a big fool, he should be locked up,” Dietl continued.

I am really angry with him. He has taken the heart and soul out of the rank and file cops … Everyone in police department now, all the cops are walking on ice, everyone is afraid to do anything because they afraid of what is going to happen with the police department under the direction of this mayor they have.

Dietl also fingered liberal billionaire George Soros for his part in the disorder saying, “The same demonstrators that we are looking at, all the demonstrators have the same familiar faces of Occupy Wall Street, and a lot of those signs are professionally put together.”

Meaning that there is one guy, this Hungarian communist George Soros is supporting a lot of these demonstrations against Trump, he should be deported out of this country and should go back to Hungry if he likes Hungry he should leave here. This is America and he is an anarchist, he is for civil unrest, He thinks that equals what he is trying to do to this country and tear it apart.

“I’m for bringing our country together again,” Dietl said. “I’m for peaceful demonstration, but you must control them [and] you can’t let things get out of hand.”