Roger Stone: Cruz Doesn’t Have ‘Temperament to Be President’

Republican Presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) answers questions from the media during his Pennsylvania kick off event at the National Constitution Center on April 19, 2016 in Philadelphia.
Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images

Veteran political operative Roger Stone questions whether Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has the “temperament” to be president. On Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM, Stone cited Cruz’s testy interview with radio host Sean Hannity.

“The pressure really is on Cruz now. It’s a very, very narrow path going forward,” Stone said. “I really wonder if Ted Cruz demonstrated he had the temperament to be president last night with Sean Hannity. I don’t want my president blowing up like that. I don’t want the guy with his finger on the button snapping like that.”

Stone also called GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s big win in New York a “massacre” and said Cruz should give up on Northeastern states while building support in California.

“Given the fact that Connecticut, the most Republican part of Connecticut, is in the New York media market, and that is also true of the upcoming New Jersey — the largest part of New Jersey, about 70 percent of New Jersey voters are in the New York media market. This is a win that has an impact on several of the bordering states. So it does magnify the win. This was a massacre,” said Stone.

“Trump spent very little resources,” Stone said. “This was once again Donald Trump himself campaigning across the upstate area an in places like Watertown on a very strategically clever operation and targeted congressional districts based on sophisticated polling. So we saw a new sophistication in the Trump campaign we haven’t seen previously and I attribute this to a couple things.”

Stone credited’s Paul Manafort’s role in the campaign and a “first-rate local operation” for delivering New York to Trump.

“It was a big, big win and it puts Ted Cruz at a real disadvantage going forward on this upcoming contests,” he said. “And that in turn can give them a head of steam going into California.” He also advised the Cruz campaign to cut its losses in the Northeast and focus on the upcoming California primary.

One of the most important factors in the 2016 election, Stone said, was “voters are upset with what they see as a broken system. They equate this with Congress.”

“This is Trump country,” Stone said of Northeastern states. “Delaware of course is winner-take-all but not insignificant in terms of the count. I spoke to someone on Governor Maryland’s staff yesterday. He tells me it’s Trump country as far as they can see.”

“You’re going to see the same phenomenon in Baltimore of Democrats being unhappy they can’t vote in the Republican primary. They’re going to show up in droves, I predict, and be turned away because they’re not allowed to vote under the state party rules. I think you’re coming into a period here where this is Trump’s backyard. He’s expected to do well. Ted Cruz won Oklahoma and that’s next to Texas. And this in many ways is the same phenomenon,” Stone added.

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