Tennessee Senate Passes Campus Carry

Ohio State University student Evan Peck, from Strongsville, Ohio, wears an empty holster on his hip Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2007, to show support for National Coalition for Concealed Carry on Campus Week. Students planned to protest laws that ban concealed weapons on campuses. (AP Photo/Columbus Dispatch, Tom Dodge)
AP Photo/Columbus Dispatch, Tom Dodge

On April 19 the Tennessee Senate passed campus carry for public schools colleges and universities.

According to the Associated Press, campus carry passed the Senate by a vote of 28-5. The measure allows faculty and staff with concealed carry permits to carry handguns on campus for self-defense.

Some professors have already staked their opposition to the measure, promising to quit teaching if it becomes legal to carry a gun for self-defense on campuses in Tennessee. But Senator Mike Bell (R-Riceville)–the sponsor of the campus carry legislation–responded to these complaints by saying he hopes the professors do quit and “more conservative instructors will take their place.”

The Tennessee House is expected to take up campus carry as early as Wednesday.

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