WaPo: Trump/Sessions Ticket 2016 ‘Odd Couple’

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) announces his support for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump (R) during a campaign rally at the Madison City Schools Stadium on February 28, 2016.
Scott Olson/Getty Images

At the Washington Post, Elise Viebeck explains how Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-AL, became a Donald Trump supporter, and potential VP pick.

The unlikely alliance between Donald Trump and Sen. Jeff Sessions started because of the United Nations.

The result was the best congressional testimony Sessions says he had ever heard. Even now, as Trump’s sole Senate endorser and the heart of his presence in Washington, Sessions loves telling the story. That’s partly because he likes to do his Trump impression.

Eleven years have passed since that hearing, and sitting in his office on Capitol Hill, Sessions can’t suppress his natural affection for Trump. So perhaps it’s no surprise that the ultra-conservative southerner has become Trump’s main man in Washington as the leading presidential campaign careens toward the Republican convention.

“I think he can win, and I believe he will,” Sessions said. “He will need to continue to flesh out the details of his policies. But his instinctive response to Americans’ current situation has been pretty darn good.”

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