Trump Coins a New Nickname for John Kasich

Trump and Kasich Backward AP

Eight months after tagging Jeb Bush as “low energy” and labeling Ted Cruz, “Lyin’ Ted,” Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump has at long last nicknamed his GOP rival John Kasich.

“Lyin’ Ted Cruz and 1 for 38 Kasich are unable to beat me on their own so they have to team up in a two on one. Shows weakness!” Trump said in a Monday morning Tweet.

The real estate mogul was just getting started. Trump called his Republican primary opponents’ alleged collusion a sign of weakness and desperation.

“Shows how weak and desperate Lyin’ Ted is when he has to team up with a guy who openly can’t stand him and is only 1 win and 38 losses,” Trump Tweeted.

Trump’s Sunday night Twitter screeds were in response to the Cruz and Kasich camps’ acknowledgment that the two campaigns are working in concert to stop Trump.

As Breitbart News reported late Sunday, the Kasich campaign has announced that it will campaign exclusively in Oregon and New Mexico, and “We will shift our campaign’s resources West and give the Cruz campaign a clear path in Indiana.”

In similar fashion, the Cruz campaign released a statement confirming collusion:

To ensure that we nominate a Republican who can unify the Republican Party and win in November, our campaign will focus its time and resources in Indiana and in turn clear the path for Gov. Kasich to compete in Oregon and New Mexico, and we would hope that allies of both campaigns would follow our lead. In other states holding their elections for the remainder of the primary season, our campaign will continue to compete vigorously to win.

Trumps campaign released a statement early Monday, responding to the Cruz/Kasich plan to stop the Republican frontrunner from collecting the 1,237 delegates he needs to lock up the Republican nomination.

“It is sad that two grown politicians have to collude against one person who has only been a politician for ten months in order to try and stop that person from getting the Republican nomination,” the Trump statement said. “Governor Kasich, who has only won 1 state out of 41, in other words, he is 1 for 41 and he is not even doing as well as other candidates who could have stubbornly stayed in the race like him but chose not to do so.”

The next Republican primary contest will be on Tuesday, April 26 and will see the remaining three GOP candidates compete for delegates in Connecticut (28), Delaware (16), Maryland (38), Pennsylvania (71), and Rhode Island (19).

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