Another Job Creator Steps Forward

AP Photo/Paul Sancya

I write in these columns about a new breed of conservative candidates who are not only outside the political class, but seek to disrupt the “politics as usual” we are accustomed to from the political class. I also write about candidates who know something about creating jobs. This column is devoted to Tommy Brann who is both.

Brann is running for the Michigan House of Representatives. He is not a career politician. He is, however, uniquely qualified to represent the people of Michigan’s 77th District. He would bring to the Michigan House four decades of business experience and community service. At just age 19, Brann became the youngest restaurant owner in Michigan. Today, some forty years later, he is president of 10 Michigan restaurants that bear is family name.

America needs more elected officials who have “signed the front and back of a paycheck,” and know what government regulations and taxes can do to kill job creation. Regulations and taxes impact more than jobs. Brann knows that they also impact his employees and customers, his future constituents, who are struggling in this difficult economy to pay all of their bills.

Tax and spend candidates’ promises of “free” government benefits that someone else pays for, i.e., corporations and small business owners, is very seductive.

This is so seductive that it causes many people to vote against their economic interests without realizing it. What the tax and spend candidates do not tell voters is that “taxes roll downhill.” Put another way: corporations do not pay taxes, their customers do since taxes like any other business cost are baked into the cost of every product and service they buy. Brann knows this and will be a strong voice for Michigan legislators to be better stewards of tax receipts – the peoples’ money.

Beyond his business experience, Brann has a demonstrated history of giving back.

For example, when a police officer was killed by a gunshot to the head in the Grand Rapids suburb of Wyoming, Michigan, Brann asked how local law enforcement might be able to prevent it from happening again. A $7,500 donation from Brann put a protective helmet in every Wyoming police car. And he is not afraid to take a stand for American values. When Michigan filmmaker Michael Moore and actor Seth Rogen trashed the military service of Navy Seal Chris Kyle, whose life was profiled in the film American Sniper, Brann made national news by placing a sign at his restaurant informing all visitors that Moore and Rogan were not welcome.

Tommy Brann has lived The American Dream – a small business owner who grew his business, provided jobs for hundreds of families, and gave back to his community. He is a product of the free enterprise system and a staunch defender of it.

Unfortunately, young and future entrepreneurs will face more hurdles than Brann did when starting out because of over-regulation and over-taxation, which are rooted in bloated and inefficient government. Brann will fight against the current transformation of our economy from free enterprise to more government control. While he’s at it, I urge him to take a hard look at the disparity in pay and benefits between government employees and their lower paid counterparts in the private sector.

I am looking for more Tommy Brann’s to write about. When I find them, you will be the first to know.

Steven Hantler is a retired auto industry executive and contributor to Breitbart News Network.