Chinese Restaurant Server Under Fire for Leaving Nasty Remarks About Customer on Receipt

rude remark receipt
Arlington, VA

A server at an Arlington, Virginia Chinese restaurant who input derogatory remarks about customers into the eatery’s computer system is now under fire after the comments ended up printed onto their receipts, reports say.

A server at Peter Chang’s Arlington outlet apparently didn’t take kindly to being questioned about how the food was served and slammed the patrons as he entered their bill of fare into the computer system.

When they were handed their receipt it was the customers’ turn to take offense when they found they were being called “a**holes” just above their $114 bill amount.

The nasty note was spurred by a comment by one of the customers. According to CBS Channel 6 news, during the meal one of the customers expressed his surprise that rice was served in a large, single bowl for the table instead of being served in individual bowls as he was used to seeing in China. When he remarked about the situation, the server told him that isn’t how things are done at Peter Chang’s, but he would serve individual bowls if the customer desired.

While the customers may have thought that was the end of the confrontation, they got another idea when they were handed their receipt and saw the server had typed a message into the computer reading “im a plad a**hole, i have a small penis.”

The “plad” comment was seemingly aimed at the plaid clothing one of the diners was wearing.

The customers were further surprised when neither the server nor the management of the restaurant seemed overly concerned about their actions, with the server simply saying he “forgot” to delete the “joking” remarks before printing out the receipt.

One of the customers, who wanted to be identified only as Matt, said the management didn’t seem too worried about how unprofessional the stunt was. On the contrary, their dismissive attitude seemed as if they were only sorry they got caught with their little joke.

Ultimately the manager gave the patrons a $20 gift certificate as an apology.

After the story got noticed by the press, manager Qian Cheng told The Washington Post he has tried to get the servers to stop adding such remarks into the computer system:

“They always do that. I’ve told them so many times,” Cheng said. “And they did it again.”

He’s weighing whether someone needs to be fired over the incident, but in the meantime, Cheng said he has cut back the servers’ hours. They will not work prime weekend shifts in the near future.

“I know it’s not comfortable,” Cheng said about the incident. “If somebody had given me the check, I [wouldn’t] be comfortable.”

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