Good Guy with Gun Shoots Attacker After Victims Stabbed in Mall

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UPDATE (9:30 pm EDT)WBZ is reporting that two of the four stab victims are dead. It is unclear whether the deceased victims were among those stabbed at the home on Myricks Street or at the mall. WBZ also reports the attacker died from the gunshot wounds he received from the off-duty officer who intervened.

UpdateFox61 indicates police have updated the earliest reports on the stabbing and now report two of the victims “were stabbed at a home on Myricks Street,” which is near the Silver City Galleria. The two other victims were stabbed in the mall before the attacker was shot.


On May 10 a good guy with a gun shot a knife-wielding man who allegedly stabbed four people in a Massachusetts mall.

BNO News reports the incident occurred at the Silver City Galleria in Taunton, Massachusetts around 6:30 p.m.

The suspect allegedly drove his car into the mall–literally drove in–then got out and began stabbing mall goers. They report four people were stabbed before the knife-wielding man “was shot by an off-duty police officer.”

FOX 25 Boston quotes the Massachusetts State Police suggesting the man who intervened may have been “an off-duty sheriff’s deputy.”

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