AZ Governor Signs Bills Enhancing Concealed Carry, Barring Gun Control

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Arizona Governor Doug Ducey (R) signed two bills on Tuesday. One enhanced concealed carry, and the other put new mechanisms in place to prevent cities and municipalities from passing additional gun control.

The NRA-ILA reports that the first of the two, HB 2338, “allows individuals to lawfully carry firearms in their vehicles or person on any public right-of-way.” While Arizona already has some of the best concealed carry laws in the country, this bill further protects the individual’s right to have a gun on his person for self-defense.

Governor Ducey also signed SB 1266, which allows lawsuits to be filed against cities and municipalities that institute gun controls that violate the state’s preemption law.

The preemption law is in place to guarantee that no city or municipality enacts an ordinance that exceeds or limits what the legislature has recognized as the law of the land. Through SB 1266, lawsuits can now be used as an enforcement mechanism to encourage a city’s compliance with the preemption law.

NRA spokesman Lars Dalseide observed, “Enhancing the state’s preemption laws guarantees that every Arizonan will be held to the same standards whether they live in Tempe or Tuscon. Now safe and responsible gun owners won’t suddenly become criminals simply because they cross an imaginary line.”

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