Senator Sessions: Hillary Clinton Would Use SCOTUS to ‘Completely Ban Firearms’

Marc Piscotty/Getty

During the May 22 airing of Fox News Sunday, Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) warned that Hillary Clinton would use nominations to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) as an opportunity to “completely ban firearms.”

Sessions said, “Hillary Clinton is the most anti-Second Amendment [presidential candidate] perhaps we’ve ever had, [and] she said again, recently, that the Heller decision–that protects the right of individuals to keep and bear arms–was wrong.”

He went on to discuss the current 4-4 split of the court regarding gun rights. He said that Clinton would use the presidency to replace Antonin Scalia with a justice who opposes Heller, thereby pivoting away from upholding the Second Amendment as the defense of the “personal right to have a gun.” In fact, Sessions said allowing Clinton to pick the next justice would be tantamount to letting her empower “every city, county, and state [to] completely ban firearms in America.”

Sessions’ statement came just two days after presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump told NRA Leadership Forum attendees that Hillary would “abolish the Second Amendment.”

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