Photo of Ohio Teen Holding Up a Fallen American Flag Goes Viral

Photo of Ohio Teen Holding a Fallen American Flag Goes Viral Online
Rhonda Ordway Pester/Facebook

A young man in Ohio has become a local hero after a picture of him lifting an American flag off the ground has got viral on social media.

Cole Dotson was apparently passing a school last Sunday when he noticed the American flag had fallen and was dragging the ground. Cole didn’t hesitate to grab the flag. He held it up and called his grandmother.

Cole’s grandmother, who actually works at the school, arrived and took a photo of her grandson still holding the flag.

The boy’s mother, Rhonda Ordway Pester, couldn’t be more proud of her son. Turns out, Cole learned to never let an American flag hit the ground from his training as a boy scout.

Pester’s Facebook post has gone viral ahead of Memorial Day weekend.

Cole posted a message to his personal page thanking those who had shared his photo for their support.

“This picture of me got almost 100 likes and almost 60 shares in two hours. Makes me proud,” Cole wrote. “Thank you all for the support! I didn’t intend to get recognized for what I did. But I am sure glad to see the support and respect for the flag. I love this flag and this country. God bless America.”

A member of a family full of military personnel, Cole also plans to go into the service this summer.

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