Rape Victim: Gun Ownership Renewed My Courage

concealed permit (Joe Raedle/Getty Images/AFP)
Joe Raedle/Getty Images/AFP

In a series of video interviews conducted during the NRA convention in Louisville, Kentucky, a rape victim talked about how gun ownership has empowered her and renewed her courage.

The Guardian, which conducted the interviews, asked each person, “What do liberals get wrong about guns?”

Some of the first individuals responded by pointing out how many more times guns are used each year for self-defense than crime, while others pointed out that the liberal, anti-gun rhetoric is often driven by an ignorance of firearms from people who did not grow up around guns. One respondent pointed to the history of firearms in America, stating that liberals fail to understand that their anti-gun push “goes against history.”

The interviewer also happened upon people who have had to draw a gun in self-defense, giving them the opportunity to stress the life-saving benefits of being armed. One such individual talked of being confronted by a robbery suspect who quickly changed his tune when the would-be victim explained that he was prepared to shoot.

Toward the end of the interview compilation, the interviewer posed her question to a woman who put everything into perspective. She said, “I was attacked. I was raped, and I was almost murdered. And for me, it was a horrible experience–very traumatic.” She went on to say, “Shooting changed my life. I got the power back. So instead of being defenseless, I finally had a tool that helped me. It was my equalizer.”

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