Female Students Look for ‘Sugar Daddies’ to Put Them Through College

Associated Press
Associated Press

It seems like some college girls these days want a college education but don’t want to pay for it. So in exchange for sexual favors, they are looking for a “sugar daddy” to foot the bill for their tuition and expenses.

According to the Associated Press, this is a growing trend. As college tuition and expenses are greatly on the rise, some girls are looking to use their bodies as a means to enrich their minds.

The paper tells the tale of Candice Kashani, who was faced with a huge education debt and soon began looking for a man to help her pay it off. She did not, however, want a real relationship. She just wanted to give sex away to someone with deep pockets. Apparently, it worked, too, as Kashani graduated this year with her entire school debt paid off by a string of “sugar daddies.”

Kashani defends the use of her sugar daddy’s wallet, and she bristles when people say she is involved in the sex trade.

“The people who have a stigma, or associate a negative connotation with it, don’t understand how it works,” she insists.

Now that she has graduated, the young woman intends to keep picking up sugar daddies until she finds a traditional job.

Kashani found her sugar daddies on SeekingArrangement.com, a website that hooks women up with men seeking companionship and are willing to pay for it. The site, though, insists the sexual exchange is not sanctioned and is “only” implied, not a prerequisite for membership for either the women or the sugar daddies.

The site’s creator claims he is only trying to help young women with tuition and that his site is just an “alternative to financial aid.” But others say it is nothing short of prostitution.

Some also fear these women are opening themselves up for violence. Kristen Houser of the National Sexual Violence Resource Center warns, “You need to pay attention that there is a power imbalance.”

Whether this is a good idea or not, it is beyond doubt that student loan debt is a major problem in this U.S. By some estimates, that debt is soaring by $2,726 every second.

Student loan debt has jumped to more than $1.2 trillion and is rising, with the average student incurring a debt load topping $37,000 after graduation. And that is just an average. Depending on the majors and course of study, one may realize upwards to $70,000, even more than $100,000 in tuition debt, before he is able to set his first foot in the job market.

This debt bomb will sooner or later explode, causing a major problem in the field of education.

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