***2016 LiveWire*** Trump Slams ‘Thugs’ Who Accosted His Supporters

Brendan Smialowski/AFP, Justin Sullivan/Getty

Welcome to Breitbart News’s live updates of the 2016 horse race.

All times eastern.

7:03: Sanders now visits the best burger joint on the planet:

7:00: Trump returning to New Hampshire next week:

6:50: Bill Clinton spotted at In-N-Out (did he order off of the secret menu?):


6:45: Trump’s known as a generous tipper:


6:35: Clinton continues to hit Trump over his comments about Judge Curiel:

6:30: Sanders mocks Trump in California:

6:25: Clinton campaigning in Orange County, California and hitting Sanders again on guns:

5:30: Why does it take so many words for her to just condemn what that anti-Trump agitators/thugs did to peaceful Trump supporters in San Jose, California?

5:18: Trump now calls President Obama the “great divider” who has divided Americans based on class and race. He says Hillary will be worse and the country will die if she becomes president.

5:15: Trump blasts the press for making it seem like an anti-Trump agitator who was wearing a KKK outfit was on his side when the African-American rally-goer who punched him out was really the Trump supporter. He also acknowledges a black supporter in the crowd:


5:01: Trump says Clinton is “unfit” to be president and refers to Clinton as “Obama-lite.”

4:47: Trump says Clinton is “pathetic.” He slams Huma Abedin for telling Anthony Weiner all of the country’s secrets. Trump says he knows Weiner and he doesn’t want Weiner to know anything. Trump also says he never wants Anthony Weiner to Tweet him.


Weiner responds:

4:45: Trump vows to “play heavy” in California and again says he thinks he can win the Golden State.

4:41: Trump says there was an “amazing” crowd in San Jose last night and his supporters got “accosted by a bunch of thugs” who were “burning the American flag.” Trump reiterates that the anti-Trump agitators/hoodlums are “thugs.”

4:40: Trump says the “press is so biased against us.” He says he thinks “we have the numbers.”

4:38: In Redding, California, Trump says if anyone is not feeling well, “we have plenty of water to share.” Trump notes the labor participation fell this month. He says “we’re going to turn it around” and “make America great again” by bringing back our jobs. Trump says his critics said he will not reach 1,237. “Who would  have thought we would  have reached it long before Hillary Clinton,” he says. “She can’t close the deal.” Trump says the people who are with Bernie don’t want to vote for Clinton in the general election. Trump says whether you like Bernie or not, he’s right about how our trade deals have been disasters for the country.

4:29: In an interview with CNN, Trump again says he is not a thin-skinned candidate. When asked about his comments about the federal judge presiding over the Trump University lawsuit, Trump says he is of Mexican heritage and since Trump wants to build a wall. Trump insists that is why there is a conflict of interest. Trump says it is not racist to say the federal judge has a conflict of interest because of his Mexican heritage.


3:50: Huge crowd in Redding, California to see Trump (event has reached capacity):

3:30: Read ABC News reporter Candace Smith’s notebook: Thursday evening San Jose, California was “the worst of nights.”

At this point, I have covered a year’s worth of political rallies, first following Jeb Bush and now presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump.

I know all too well the hallmarks of a Trump rally, including the ubiquitous protests: Opponents coming out to express their discomfort, usually disgust, at his policies, which they view as divisive, offensive and hateful.

On the best days, protesters express themselves in a respectful way, appearing to appreciate that freedom of speech is viewed as one of the bedrocks of this country and should be celebrated.

But Thursday evening, in San Jose, California, was the worst of nights. What began as a gathering of young people and labor rights’ groups outside of Trump’s rally here, turned into a raucous, bloody, dangerous affair. The crowd of hundreds became disorderly as a large group broke off with seemingly pernicious intentions; to seek out anyone they suspected of being a Trump supporter and intimidate, harass or even beat them into submission.

I watched an elderly couple get their “Make America Great Again” hats snatched off their heads, their signs ripped from their hands, their bodies shoved and their movements trailed by the angry agitators all the way into a parking garage. It did not end there. One young man stalked a Trump supporter shouting obscenities, threatening him.

The dimly lit garage provided the perfect setting for the next wave of terror; agitators surrounded a car where presumed Trump supporters sat parked, trying to make their way out. Suddenly, we heard the sound of breaking glass; their tail-light had been smashed right in front of me. It became a rallying cry, and the rest moved in toward the car and began to shake it violently. The terrified passengers finally were able to speed off.


Earlier in the day in San Jose, the crowd of anti-Trump protesters shouted to “Stop the Hate!”

The irony.

3:15: Clinton tells MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell that Trump’s attacks on Judge Curiel are “dangerous.”

3:08: Like her husband, First Lady Michelle Obama takes veiled shots at Trump without mentioning his name during her last commencement address as First Lady:

“We don’t give into our fears. We don’t build up walls to keep people out because we know that our greatness has always depended on contributions from people who were born elsewhere,” Obama told the graduating class at City College in New York City.

3:05: Patriotic crowd gathering at Redding, California before Trump’s rally even in extreme heat:

2:56: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) declines to comment on Trump’s remarks about Federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel while House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) says he strongly disagrees with Trump’s remarks. Trump has insisted that Curiel has an “absolute conflict” while presiding over the Trump University case because of his Mexican heritage.