Exclusive — Red Sox Great Curt Schilling: ‘Mass Immigration Of Migrants From The Middle East’ Winning The War On Terror, America Is Losing

BOSTON, MA - JULY 14: Curt Schilling #38 of the Boston Red Sox pitches during the game with the New York Yankees at Fenway Park on July 14, 2005 in Boston, Massachusetts. Schilling blew his first save 8-6 on a walk-off home run by Alex Rodriguez. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty …
Washington, DC

Curt Schilling, the retired ace Boston Red Sox pitcher, told Stephen K. Bannon on Breitbart News Sunday that the United States of America is losing the war on terror.

“No, oh gosh no, We’re not winning, it’s getting worse,” Schilling replied when Bannon, Breitbart’s executive chairman, asked if the United States is winning or losing the war on terror. “When things are getting worse you’re losing. It’s incrementally getting worse. I think we’re incrementally getting softer from the leadership perspective. We’ve dropped the gates, they were at the gates, now they’re in. They’ve infiltrated with the mass immigration of the migrants from the middle east and unfortunately fifty plus people last night, it sounds like, are going to pay for another huge mistake by our government with their lives.”

Schilling was terminated by politically correct leftist leaders at ESPN for speaking his mind in favor of Americans on political issues—particularly the transgender bathroom madness in North Carolina—and has emerged as a cultural icon in the wake of his departure from the network. He is an all-time great pitcher in the major leagues, and helped carry the Boston Red Sox to their first World Series victory in 86 years back in 2004 by pitching on a busted ankle that was literally bleeding through his sock in a key game against the New York Yankees in the American League Championship Series.

Schilling’s comments on the program, which airs on SiriusXM Channel 125, the Patriot Channel, came in response to the terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida, this weekend. The attack left at least 50 dead, and at least 53 more have been taken to local hospitals, as Omar Mateen—a radical Muslim—opened fire in a gay night club in the central Florida city around 2 a.m.

When Bannon followed up with Schilling to ask if it drives him crazy that the political class and media won’t even mention the term “radical Islamic terrorism” in response to obviously that, Schilling said that the politicians like former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton think Americans are stupid.

“Steve, they’re playing on our stupidity,” Schilling said. “They really are. If you listen to the stuff that Hillary Clinton spews on a daily basis, she believes we believe her. These people believe that we are that stupid. Listen, the President said terrorism very early on in the conference today and then never said anything about any connections that they already knew were existing. This was a man who professed his allegiance to ISIS, who apparently, if I didn’t hear this incorrectly, called twenty minutes in to proclaim his allegiance to the leader of ISIS.”

Schilling added that the difference between radical Islam and other religions like Christianity is that Christians can think homosexuality is wrong but not call penalty of death for those who practice it.

“People don’t understand, and I heard someone say earlier, homosexuality to followers of the Quran is not wrong, it’s punishable by death,” Schilling said. “There is a difference. You can be a Christian and think, well you know what, I think homosexuality is wrong. Okay, and that’s your opinion and that’s what you’ve interpreted the Bible to believe for you, I don’t. I don’t think that’s my business and I don’t care. Radical Islamists want to kill everybody that isn’t them. Everybody, that’s atheists, Mormons, Jews, everybody.”

Schilling also said that he is “angry” because the political class and media attempted to turn this act of radical Islamic terrorism into an effort to push gun control.

You know what, I’m angry now. I’m actually physically, for the first on twitter, I’m angry because, ‘smart’ people are really, really stupid,” Schilling said. “This became gun control. I got a ton of crap this morning for discussing, for responding, to a nominated Democrat official, I don’t even remember who it was, who was on TV talking about gun control, within the hour. I’m thinking to myself, the bodies aren’t even out yet.”

Schilling, in response to Bannon’s next question, laid out that the way the United States is fighting now—under President Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s leadership—cannot win this war.

“No, you know what the drone thing is? It’s a kick the can down the road and hand all this to the next administration,” Schilling said. “It’s a cowardly, cowardly way to be fighting this war, only. Give our Marines, give our Deltas, give our special forces guys weapons free and every time an American is killed by a terrorist or someone that claims affiliation we should have a squadron of F-18’s or a couple Apache’s killing those fifty truck caravans that we don’t seem to have a problem taking a picture of, that are flying the ISIS flag. We have to change our response policy, we don’t really have one now.”

But Schilling does believe that the United States can win the war with a change in policy and a chance in leadership.

“Absolutely, unequivocally, yes, but not with this administration or anyone like it,” he said in response to Bannon’s final question about whether the United States can win if it changes course.