Trump Campaign Resets: Increases Policy Attacks Exposing Hillary Clinton

Washington, DC

Less than 24 hours after presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was fired, the campaign has kicked it into high gear, sending out at least 13 press releases throughout the day on Tuesday detailing economic policy, attacking Hillary Clinton, and naming staff expansions.

Prior to the new management, 13 press releases from the Trump campaign would have come over the course of several days.

This increased attack on Clinton with detail to policy reveals a shift in strategy from the Trump campaign heading into the general election.

Most of the press releases attacked the presumptive Democrat nominee,who delivered a speech tearing into Trump’s ability to handle the economy on Tuesday.

One press release exposed Clinton and President Obama’s “catastrophic economic record,” listing statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau, which revealed that under Obama’s policies, the median household income has decreased but the number of Americans living in poverty has increased.

Another press release tore into Clinton for deals with foreign entities and donations, detailing “Clinton’s pay-to-play governing style.”

Trump also alleged that the U.S. lost at least a quarter of manufacturing jobs under trade policies Clinton supported. He also says Clinton policies created the mortgage meltdown.

In addition, the billionaire’s campaign released details about his economic plan in response to Clinton’s attack, suggesting that lifting restrictions on energy production, ending regulatory burden, and revising tax plans would help create wealth and millions of jobs.

As the campaign sent out a series of press releases attacking Clinton, Trump did so on Twitter: