WIBC’s Greg Garrison On Mike Flynn: ‘I Will Miss Him Always’

In this June 24, 2015 photo, Michael Flynn, left, draws a number from Republican Party Chairman Chuck Erickson as opponents Donald Rients, center,and Illinois state Sen. Darin LaHood wait for the start of a debate in Bloomington, Ill., for the primary race Tuesday, July 7 to replace former U.S. Rep. …

Greg Garrison, a WIBC radio host in Indianapolis, was one of the earliest supporters of Breitbart News Network and a close friend of Mike Flynn.

Ironically, I first met Mike Flynn in person at the reception in Washington, D.C. for those who had attended the memorial service for Andrew Breitbart.

Of course, Andrew had just died suddenly a few days before, and we were all shell shocked as we met to remember him. I had interviewed Mike often on air during the years before as we weekly celebrated “the Bigs” here in flyover country, Indianapolis. His wit, his passion for liberty and America’s greatness always animated and informed his every opportunity to talk with me about the issues of the day.

But then we met, even though on a sad occasion; a handshake turned miraculously into a fine glass of Scotch for me, bourbon for him, and in about a minute we were on the front steps of “the Embassy,” Breitbart’s D.C. offices where we ensconced ourselves in worthy fellowship and conversation for I can’t remember how long. And that was all it took. Never saw him again in person but a friendship was born that has consistently grown over my time with him on air and off.

Mirth, humor, love of country and, of course, uproarious laughter filled every interview and off-air visit afterward. That was Mike’s trademark, an irrepressible and perpetual sense of humor and a laugh that was, in every way, intoxicating. I will miss him always; I already do.