Potential Trump VP Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn Flips on Abortion Stance

Defense Intelligence Agency Director Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn speaks at the Intelligence and National Security Alliance's Intelligence Community Summit September 12, 2013 in Washington, DC.
Win McNamee/Getty Images

Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who is reportedly being considered for the vice president’s position by Donald Trump’s campaign, is changing his official position on abortion.

On Sunday, Flynn said abortion was a choice women have to make for themselves.

“Abortion, I think for women, these are difficult issues,” Flynn said on ABC News. “I think that’s a difficult legal decision, and I think that women are so important in that decision-making process. They are the ones that have to make the decision because they are the ones that will decide to bring up that child or not.”

However later on Monday, Flynn described himself as a “pro-life Democrat” and said the “law should be changed” on abortion.

“This pro-choice issue is a legal issue that should be decided by the courts,” Flynn said on Fox News. “I believe in law. If people want to change the law, they should vote so that we can appoint pro-life judges. I believe the law should be changed.”

Following his earlier position, Flynn faced what Fox News describes as a “swift backlash” from the pro-life base of the Republican Party.

“General Flynn has disqualified himself from consideration as Vice President,” president of the Susan B. Anthony List Marjorie Dannenfelser said about Flynn’s comments on Sunday. “His pro-abortion position is unacceptable and would undermine the pro-life policy commitments that Mr. Trump has made throughout the campaign.”

Flynn said that his priorities, however, are “national security” issues and that the election in November is not focused on “social issues, gay rights and abortion rights.”

Nevertheless, other prominent Republicans considered to be major contenders for the vice presidential spot – such as Indiana Gov. Mike Pence and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie – have been adamantly and consistently pro-life.

Pence recently signed into law a measure that bans abortions sought for genetic abnormalities such as Down syndrome, or for undesirable sex or race. Planned Parenthood and the ACLU have sued Indiana over that law.

Christie vetoed a bill in his state that would have sent $7.4 million to Planned Parenthood, as New Jersey Right to Life reported.

“Flynn is a Democrat who served as Defense Intelligence Agency director under President Obama,” Fox News reports, adding that he has become a critic of the Obama administration since leaving service.

The Democrat Party has fully embraced abortion and Planned Parenthood in its 2016 platform, vowing to defend the abortion business against defunding efforts and to expand taxpayer funding of abortion.