Hillary Clinton Is Promising to Break the Law, Says Sen. Jeff Sessions

AP Photo/Mark Humphrey

Sen. Jeff Sessions says Hillary Clinton should be disqualified from the presidency because she’s promising to continue President Barack Obama’s refusal to enforce the nation’s immigration laws.

“Hillary Clinton announced yesterday that if elected President, she will expand President Obama’s illegal amnesty even further,” Sessions said in a July 15 statement.

“The fact that the courts have so far blocked this lawless overreach seems to carry no weight with Clinton  … the fact that Clinton would go even further than Obama’s extreme lawlessness disqualifies her for the position of chief law enforcement officer of the United States,” said Sessions, who chairs the Senate’s subcommittee on immigration and the national interest.

Last month, the Supreme Court let stand a Texas court decision that blocks Obama’s effort to provide a quasi-amnesty, plus work-permits, to roughly 4 million foreign migrants now living in the United States. Obama announced the would-be amnesty after the House and Senate defeated his 2013 push to amnesty at least 11 million illegals, and also to rapidly increase current immigration. 

Each year, roughly 4 million Americans turn 18 and start looking for jobs. But the federal government undermines their lifetime wages by sharply increasing the labor supply by annually accepting 1 million legal immigrants, plus several hundred thousand illegal immigrants plus roughly 700,000 guest workers who are allowed to stay up to several years. That’s one extra foreign competitor for every two or three blue-collar and white-collar American who enters the labor market.

That national wage-cutting cheap-labor policy is backed by business groups and by many GOP politicians, including House Speaker Paul Ryan, even though it slows high-tech development and reduces average productivity and wealth.

Clinton also says she wants to accept more migrants, not repatriate illegal immigrants, and also allow an unlimited inflow of low-wage foreign college graduates to compete against American college grads for decent jobs. 

For example, Clinton told a Hispanic pressure-group on July 14 that “I know how important family is, and I want to do everything I can as president to keep families. together … There’s nothing more important to families who live in fear and anxiety.” Pro-migration activists understand that statement as a commitment to stop repatriation of migrants if they also have a wife and kids in the United States.

She’s made similar promises to other meetings of Latino activists.

Donald Trump, however, is pushing plans to curb the inflow of guest-workers, to block any amnesty and has suggested a one-year or two-year pause in legal immigration. That plan would spike Americans’ wages and reduce the cost of housing, according to a recent Wall Street study

In his statement, Sessions said, 

Congress and the American people rejected the President’s scheme of granting amnesty to all those who enter the country illegally, and those who overstay their visas. The people have been pleading with their representatives for 30 years for a lawful system of immigration – one that ensures our laws are enforced. Yet, Clinton recently said she would not deport anyone unless they commit a violent crime or they are involved in terrorism. And, in a direct assault on the very foundations of our entire legal immigration system, she has boldly, radically, and openly vowed to go even further than President Obama.

His lawless plan not only would have provided relief from deportation for those who are illegally here, but also provide employment authorization documents, photo IDs, Social Security numbers, the right to draw Social Security benefits, and the right to draw other state and local welfare and support payments – including Medicare for some. These are policies that Congress refused to enact. In an unprecedented, brazen move, President Obama has attempted to use executive powers to enact what Congress rejected… 

The American people crave a lawful immigration system that treats applicants fairly and serves the national interest. A plain refusal to follow established law is extreme and will only further the lawlessness.”

Sessions has helped formulate Trump’s proposed immigration, labor and wage reforms.