EXCLUSIVE – WATCH: Roger Stone Slams Ted Cruz as ‘Psychopath’ After Failing to Endorse Donald Trump

Screenshot / CNN

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Roger Stone, Donald Trump’s longtime confidante, slammed Sen. Ted Cruz as a “psychopath,” “megalomaniac” and traitor to the Republican Party for failing to endorse Donald Trump during Cruz’s speech here at the Republican National Convention yesterday.

Jones was being interviewed by this reporter during Breitbart’s live stream coverage from the RNC on Thursday. National radio host and InfoWars.com chief Alex Jones was also being interviewed in the same segment.

Watch the full interview below:

Here is a transcript of that portion of the interview:

STONE: Look, Ted Cruz thinks he’s Ronald Reagan. And I think he miscalculated very badly. He is Nelson Rockefeller. He’s the guy who bolted the party. Who deserted the party in its greatest battle. We’re elephants. We have long, long memory. In four years or eight years after the Trump presidency, if this guy tries to run again, if Alex (Jones) hasn’t removed him from his senate seat by then, Republicans will remember that when we went to battle he was MIA.

Look, the guy, he is a psychopath. He is a megalomaniac. He has an egomaniac. And he thinks he’s Reagan. I guess he thought that his oratory would be so soaring that he would bring the convention to its feet.

JONES: Instead he was totally bood. I think this has backfired. I mean I’m not just putting that as PR out. I think it’s totally backfired on the whole Republican establishment.

STONE: And he proven that he is not a man of his word. In other words, he told the Trump people that he was supporting Trump and that he would announce he is voting Trump-Pence. And Marco Rubio did. Scott Walker did. Chris Christie did. They all ran for president. This guy broke his word. So how would anybody elect lying Ted? Because he’s lied yet again.

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