***2016 LiveWire*** Clinton Introduces VP Pick Kaine

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Welcome to Breitbart News’s live updates of the 2016 election. Hillary Clinton will introduce running mate, Tim Kaine, at a campaign event at Florida International University in Miami. Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates.

All times eastern.

6:45: Kaine reportedly considered using a boat last night to evade reporters:

6:35: Some of Ted Cruz’s most important donors slamming him. Bad news for him ahead.

4:48: Trump: They don’t look presidential:

4:30: Trouble on the left: Green Party candidate Jill Stein urges Bernie Sanders to withdraw his endorsement of Clinton in light of the Wikileaks emails:

“On the eve of the Democratic National Convention, I invite Bernie Sanders to reconsider his endorsement of Hillary Clinton in light of these new facts, and to consider joining forces outside of the corrupt Democratic Party that sabotaged his campaign,” she said. “I once again urge Bernie to sit down with me to explore potential collaboration with the Green Party to ensure that the political revolution will prevail.”

Sanders campaign wants accountability:


2:40: Bar was set low, and Kaine jumped over it.


2:05: Kaine frames election:

He slams Trump for not releasing tax returns.

1:58: He says he and Hillary “will not rest” until more gun control laws are enacted. “We won’t rest until we get universal background checks,” he says. He says the NRA has campaigned against him but he’s 8-0 in elections.

1:50: Kaine says he and Clinton will champion a “strong” and “progressive” agenda. He asks everyone to go to a naturalization ceremony, saying it’s one of the most powerful things.

[When Democrats speak, the mainstream media always seem to lose their sarcasm, vitriol, and snark.]

1:40: Kaine going over his biography. He says his time in Honduras changed his life in so many ways. He says he saw a dictatorship in Honduras where a few people at the top got everything and it convinced him to fight for equality for everyone. He praises former Virginia GOP Gov. Linwood Holton (Kaine is married to his daughter) for  integrating its schools. Kaine talks about his accomplishments as a civil rights lawyer and says, “I like to fight for right.” Kaine talks about it being cool that his kids went to the same public schools named after their grandfather.

1:35: Kaine touting his extensive experience as a career politician in the year of the outsider.

1:33: Kaine says when Donald Trump says he has your back, you better watch out. He also talks about his son, who is about to deploy overseas.

1:32: Soul mates?

1:28: Kaine says he feels a lot of gratitude and says he is grateful for the trust Clinton has placed in her. He immediately speaks Spanish while addressing the crowd.

1:22: Clinton says Kaine has a “backbone of steel” behind his smile. “Just ask the NRA,” she says. “Over and over again, he has had the courage to stand up to the gun lobby in their own backyard.”


1:16: Clinton says Kaine is everything “Donald Trump and Mike Pence are not.” She says Kaine is qualified to step in and lead on day one. She frames Kaine as a “progressive” [Sanders’s supporters may disagree] who likes to get things done. She’s her kind of guy. She says they both grew up in the Midwest and raised by fathers who were small businessmen. She touts Kaine’s “lifelong commitment to social justice.” Clinton says Kaine could have done anything after Harvard Law School, but he chose to become a civil rights lawyer to take on housing discrimination. She says while Kaine was taking on housing discrimination cases, Donald Trump was denying housing to African-Americans. [Look for more of this from Clinton to gin up minorities to vote against Trump.]

1:14: Clinton says they will offer a very different vision next week. She talks about “building bridges, not walls” and embracing diversity. She is thrilled to announce Kaine as a man who shares and lives those values.

VA Gov. McAuliffe praise pick:

1:11: Clinton says after everything we’ve seen at the Republican convention, being here is “truly like a breath of fresh air.” Clinton says she sees “America’s future” when she looks out at the crowd. She says instead of the “fear and anger and resentment,” she senses optimism because “we are stronger together.” Clinton says Trump is wrong to think that America is in decline and declares that America’s best days are still ahead of us. Clinton says she knows that nobody does anything all alone and slams Trump for declaring that he’d fix America’s problems.

1:08: Clinton and Kaine appear together on stage.

12:35: Robert Reich calls on Clinton to dump Wasserman-Schultz:

12:00: Debbie Wasserman Schultz now on stage as the crowd awaits Clinton/Kaine. She hypes the Dem. convention next week and vows to “make our case to the American people about our vision.” She is slamming Florida Gov. Rick Scott on healthcare. She says she has two words for Donald Trump: “stronger together.” [After that build up, her two words = Clinton’s canned campaign theme? Lame.] She asks the crowd to chant, “I’m with her.”

11:50: Listen to all of the “objective” pundits and “journalists” speaking about Clinton/Kaine. They sound like WWE rasslin’ announcers trying their darndest to get wrestlers fans do not like “over” with them.

11:45: Kaine being hammered for flip-flopping on Trans-Pacific Partnership. Liberal fan site Huffington Post completely and comically uncritical:


11:35: Trump:

11:25: Wall Street breathes sigh of relief while left-wing base jeers Kaine pick.

11:00: Interesting observation. Neither Elizabeth Warren nor Bernie Sanders has said anything about Kaine’s selection.


10:50: Clinton/Kaine ready to debut today in Miami: