New American Century: Democratic Party Discards Assimilation, Promotes Spanish-Speaking Illegals at Convention

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Kenosha, WI

The first night of the Democratic National Convention prominently featured speakers who are residing in the country illegally and who addressed the crowd in Spanish.

As the Daily Caller reports:

The Democratic National Convention devoted a segment of its Monday night schedule to illegal immigration, which featured a speaker who didn’t speak English, chants in Spanish, and a little girl crying. ‘Keeping Families Together,’ was the name of the portion and started with a video of a young Hispanic girl, Karla Ortiz, crying over the worry that her parents will be deported. Ortiz, 11, then took the stage and pronounced that she is American, in Spanish. Her speech was mainly in English, however. But then her mother, Francisca, an illegal immigrant, took the stage. The elder Ortiz did not speak English during her speech and pronounced the need for the immigration system to be fixed in order for families to be able to live out the ‘Sueño Americano (American Dream).’

Their remarks seem perhaps indicative of the new Democratic Party’s platform, which this year dropped its requirement that illegal immigrants learn English as a condition for amnesty. The party reportedly dropped the English-language requirement because it was “unpopular” with Hispanic rights groups.

As The Hill reported:

The 2016 document contrasts sharply with the 2012 version, which also touted the need for comprehensive immigration reform, but stated that undocumented immigrants should ‘get right with the law, learn English, and pay taxes in order to get on a path to earn citizenship,’ language unpopular with Hispanic and immigrant rights groups.

Astrid Silva, a 28-year-old illegal immigrant “DREAMer” from Mexico, also addressed the crowd. Silva had been a recipient of President Obama’s 2012 executive amnesty. Obama’s 2012 amnesty is currently still in full effect thanks to Paul Ryan’s omnibus spending bill, which funded the unconstitutional program.

Silva said that she supports Hillary Clinton because Clinton “understands” that enforcing current U.S. immigration law “is not who we are as a country.”

In her remarks, Silva thanked politicians like Sen. Harry Reid who “put themselves in our shoes.” She said,”My family and I are here because of people like Sen. Harry Reid, mi abuelito, who put themselves in our shoes and helped us.”

Interestingly, Reid is not the only lawmaker who seems to believe it is the job of a U.S. representative to put himself in the shoes of foreign citizens. In 2013, Congressman Paul Ryan declared that it’s the job of a U.S. lawmaker to “put yourself in… [the] shoes” of an illegal immigrant “DREAMer who is waiting” for amnesty.

Luis Gutierrez, who has endorsed Hillary Clinton for President and previously endorsed Paul Ryan for House Speaker, also addressed the crowd.

In his remarks, Gutierrez declared that immigrants “make America a great nation,” and said that enforcing U.S. immigration law by repatriating those here illegally is a “sick [and] hateful fantasy.”

Gutierrez has previously explained that he has “only one loyalty…and that’s to the immigrant community.”

Gutierrez and the other speakers reportedly delivered their remarks from behind a wall that the DNC had constructed around the speakers’ podium.

The DNC’s treatment of the immigration issue seems to underscore the stark contrast between Trump’s Republican Party and the Democratic Party of 2016.

For instance, while the DNC featured illegal immigrants who addressed the crowd in Spanish, Trump’s RNC featured American citizens whose children had been murdered and whose families had been torn apart forever by open borders.

While Democrats and Republicans like Paul Ryan have ignored the American victims of illegal alien crime, Donald Trump gave them a prominent platform from which they could be heard.

Prior to Trump, the immigration views of Republican Party leadership and Democrat leadership were arguably not significantly different. As Breitbart News has previously reported, House Speaker Paul Ryan is much more closely aligned with Hillary Clinton on the issue of immigration than he is with Donald Trump.

However, now the gulf between Trump’s Republican Party and the Democrat Party could not be more pronounced.

Donald Trump has described the difference between his views and Clinton’s views as one of a “mainstream immigration policy designed to benefit America, or Hillary Clinton’s radical immigration policy designed to benefit politically-correct special interests.”