Radio Host Lars Larson Endorses Wisconsin’s Paul Nehlen

Delavan, WS

As the race for Wisconsin’s First Congressional District comes down to the wire, challenger Paul Nehlen has picked up another high-profile endorsement, with nationally syndicated conservative radio talk show host Lars Larson signing on to Team Nehlen.

On Sunday, August 7, Larson endorsed Nehlen for the August 9 primary.

“I’ve listened to Lars for a long time because he cares about the issues important to Wisconsin–stopping Speaker Ryan’s job-killing TPP, controlling our borders, defunding sanctuary cities, and stopping Obama’s illegal executive amnesty,” Nehlen said of the announcement. “I’m proud to have Lars’s endorsement.”

On a recent radio program, Lars told Nehlen, “We support you because you’re right on the issues. And we support you because of the fact that Paul Ryan has been such a major disappointment to so many conservatives.”

“Paul Nehlen gives the voters in Wisconsin the chance to replace Paul Ryan in the U.S Congress,” Larson added. “This is such a consequential election for the US of A because it involved the leadership of the house and sending a message to the Republicans.”

“As much as I talk about Democrats, it’s important that we remember that sometimes, the Republicans need a knock upside the head to get them to pay attention, as well,” the radio host concluded in a statement the campaign released. “I thought they were going to start paying attention when Eric Cantor got booted in Virginia, but apparently, the GOP were not listening, and there’s evidence that they’re still not listening.”

Nehlen, a resident of Delavan, Wisconsin, is a successful manufacturing executive who engineers corporate and factory turnarounds and works to repatriate manufacturing facilities to the United States. He began his career in factory floor maintenance and has worked his way up to ownership positions in several Fortune 500 and Fortune 200 companies.

Nehlen is running on a strong America platform, favoring policies such as a secure border, stronger immigration laws, fiscal responsibility, local control over education policy, strengthening the Second Amendment, and a free trade policy. He also opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty.

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