Donald Trump Dismisses Buzzfeed Immigration Report: ‘I’m Not Flip-Flopping’

Supporters hold up signs during a campaign rally of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump at Fredericksburg Expo Center August 20, 2016 in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Trump continues to campaign for the November presidential election with polls showing that he is trailing in many swing states, including Virginia. (Photo by
Alex Wong/Getty Images
Washington, DC

Donald Trump is waving off a recent Buzzfeed report suggesting he is moving away from his plan to deport illegal immigrants and now leans toward legalization.

“No, I’m not flip-flopping,” Trump stated during an appearance on Fox and Friends.

“They guaranteed that I wasn’t going to run,” Trump mocked, explaining there was a Buzzfeed reporter who said he wouldn’t take a year of salary if Trump ran for president. “Buzzfeed, they’re about as accurate on this.”

Trump was referencing Buzzfeed’s McKay Coppins, who bet his salary that Trump wouldn’t run for president and after being proven wrong, wrote, “I have a vague recollection of offering, at one point, to bet my entire annual salary that Trump wouldn’t appear on a ballot in Iowa. Thankfully, no one at the MSNBC roundtable that day took me up on it.”

The Buzzfeed article on Trump’s recent meeting with his Hispanic advisory council suggests the campaign is moving toward the direction of legalizing illegal immigrants who are already in the country.

“Importantly, Trump did not explicitly use the word ‘legalization’ at the meeting, but sources in the room said they feel it is the direction the campaign is going,” reports Buzzfeed’s Adrian Carrasquillo.

Buzzfeed also reported during the GOP primaries that Trump was straying from his hard-line immigration plan.