List Grows of Those Calling for Special Investigation into Clinton Foundation Pay-to-Play Corruption

Yana Paskova/Getty Images
Yana Paskova/Getty Images

As each day passes more embarrassing information emerges about the likely illegal pay-to-play tactics of the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation, its donors, and its relationship to Hillary when she was Obama’s Secretary of State. Several days ago GOP nominee Donald Trump called for a special prosecutor to look into the allegations of corruption and now a growing list of high profile officials are joining Trump with his call.

On Monday Donald Trump called for an independent special prosecutor to look into the Clintons’ conduct while Hillary was at the Department of State, demanding that an investigation be made to find out if Hillary gave special favors to donors to the multibillion-dollar charity that carries her name.

Since Trump’s call for an investigation many more joined him in the effort.

Indiana Governor and Vice Presidential Nominee Mike Pence

Naturally GOP Vice Presidential nominee and Indiana Governor Mike Pence joined his running mate in calling for a special prosecutor. “The fact Hillary Clinton’s official schedule was full of meetings with Clinton Foundation donors is further evidence of the pay-to-play politics at her State Department. No one is above the law. The Clinton Foundation must be immediately shut down and an independent special prosecutor be appointed to determine if access to Hillary Clinton was for sale,” Pence said on Tuesday.

Jose Fuentes, Former Puerto Rico Attorney General

Using his knowledge of the legal system, the former Attorney General of Puerto Rico, Jose Fuentes, said he agrees with Trump that only a special prosecutor can get to the bottom of the case. Saying the Obama administration is “wholly incapable of prosecuting one of their own,” and that “the peoples’ trust in our main law enforcement agency has been put in jeopardy,” Fuentes insisted, “Only a special prosecutor can investigate the Clinton Foundation affair impartially.”

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

Also a former Attorney General, the Republican Governor of New Jersey was quick to join Trump in his call for a concerted investigation into the Clinton Foundation, saying on Wednesday, “As a former federal prosecutor, the path is clear. The Clinton Foundation must be investigated now.”

Former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer

Along with sitting Governor Christie, former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer also agreed that the Clintons’ conduct is suspect. Brewer said it is clear that the FBI and the Department of Justice can’t be trusted to investigate their own operatives calling their lack of attention to this situation the “definition of the rigged system.” Brewer added, “Only a special prosecutor can investigate the Clinton Foundation fair and impartially.”

Pennsylvania Congressman Tom Marino

Marino, also a former Republican Attorney General, jumped onboard the call for a special prosecutor, saying in a statement that, “The blatant pay-to-play relationship between foundation donors and the State Department can no longer be handled by the politically motivated Justice Department while Hillary Clinton runs for a third Obama term.”

Ohio Representative Jim Jordan

Ohio Congressman Jordan, who is also the chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, added his voice to the chorus of those demanding an investigation into the erstwhile Clinton charity when he called for an “expedited investigation” on Tuesday.

New York Republican Representative Dan Donovan

Rep. Donovan, a former Staten Island district attorney, also insisted only a special prosecutor could find the truth. “The troubling information contained in newly-public emails concerning Mrs. Clinton’s activities as Secretary of State and the Clinton Foundation raise further questions of potential pay-to-play and warrant investigation,” Donovan said Wednesday.

Former Colorado House Minority Leader Mark Waller

“Donald Trump is right — we need a special prosecutor to investigate the corrupt pay-to-play scheme involving the Clinton Foundation and the State Department,” said Mark Waller, the deputy director of the Trump campaign’s state operation and former Colorado House Minority Leader, according to the Colorado Statesman.

Former Democrat Governor of Pennsylvania Ed Rendell

Even former Democrat Governor of Pennsylvania and Hillary backer Ed Rendell said that Hillary’s actions with the Clinton Foundation “creates a bad perception” and noted that the firewall between the Dept. of State and the purported charity was “ineffective.” Rendell said that if he were in Hillary’s shoes he would not have done what she did as Secretary of State.

As the list of those calling for an independent investigation into the Clinton Foundation grows, some in the supportive media fear it is all starting to frighten Democrat Nominee Hillary Clinton.

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, for instance, recently noted that calls for a special prosecutor are “getting into Hillary Clinton’s head.”

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