Congressional Candidate Brian Mast: ‘The Biggest Fight Is Those on the Inside Versus Everybody Else’

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Washington, DC

Decorated Army veteran Brian Mast, candidate for U.S. Congress in Florida’s 18th District, spoke with Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Matt Boyle Monday about the importance of the upcoming Florida election.

Mast said:

This seat is incredibly important. It’s one of the most likely seats that we move from the Democratic Party over to the Republican Party. This is where Patrick Murphy is the incumbent. He’s running against Marco Rubio for the Senate here. And Patrick Murphy is the guy that beat Allen West a couple years back. So this is actually a Republican-leaning seat.

“So often,” added Mast, “the biggest fight is those people that are on the inside, on either side of the aisle, versus everybody else that’s just represented by one vote. And that’s where I think the big win is.” He elaborated by saying, “People that are represented by just one vote, regardless of what their beliefs are, want to know that someone’s out there fighting for them and not fighting for a larger sum of dollars.”

A recent poll has Mast in the lead:

Mast leads the field with 39 percent support, according to internal polling data obtained by The Logit Group poll found Rebecca Negron was in second, with 19 percent, followed by Mark Freeman with 18 percent. The survey found 10 percent of voters said they were backing Carl Domino.

Mast, a former Army staff sergeant and explosive specialist, lost both his legs in Afghanistan while serving with forces from the Joint Special Operations Command.

“We all have an example of what we’ve done in our lives,” asserted Mast. “My example has been serving this country without regard to any personal gain or personal sacrifice. When I go out there and fight for something, I do it with every single thing that I have, and that’s the same way that I’ll do it in Congress.”

Breitbart News conducted an extended interview with Mast on August 9:

This culture of federal bureaucrats taking care of themselves is consistent in every VA hospital from top to bottom, he said.

The Republican Primary for Florida-18 is held Aug. 30 and there are four other candidates for the open House seat:Rebecca Negron, Carl Domino, Rick Kozell, Noelle Nikpour and Mark Freeman.

The incumbent Democrat Rep. Patrick Murphy is running for Senate.

The primary is Tuesday, August 30.

Visit Mast’s campaign website here.

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