Hiding Hillary Day 276: The Fawning Press Gets Access

AFP/Brendan Smialowski
AFP/Brendan Smialowski

As of Tuesday, it has been 276 days since Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton held a press conference.

#HidingHillary has been avoiding unscripted questions and appearances that are not carefully controlled by her campaign. Monday, Clinton fielded just 12 questions from the traveling press embedded with her campaign during an impromptu press gaggle, which is not a press conference.

The Republican National Committee continued to issue the number of days since Clinton has held a formal press conference. The email reads:

Today and every day until Hillary Clinton holds a formal press conference, the Republican National Committee (RNC) will issue a reminder of the number of days since Hillary Clinton has faced members of the media in an environment not carefully controlled by her campaign.

Clinton owes the American people explanations on a number of issues, including, but not limited to: why she broke ethics agreements regarding foreign donations to her family foundation, why she gave preferential treatment to foundation donors as secretary of state, and why she should be believed that her off-the-books secret server wasn’t designed purely to cover up the shady pay-to-play politics between the State Department and her family foundation. It’s time for Hillary Clinton to hold a press conference.

The #HidingHillary strategy has largely allowed the Trump campaign to set the public narrative. With polls showing Trump surging, the Clinton campaign is finally taking steps to change the perception that Clinton is hiding. She will now fly on the same plane as the traveling press embedded with her campaign, although several people have expressed concern whether those particular journalists will ask the difficult questions Clinton has been avoiding. A picture of the journalists during Monday’s gaggle has been making the rounds, and the criticism is brutal.

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@DrMartyFox pointed out that Clinton has avoided a real press conference:

@Clear_Honesty noted that she appeared for just long enough for her VP pick to give her speech:

@RonCole57 wonders just how far the campaign will go to hide Clinton:

@curtandnan sent us this graphic with a quote from Governor Mike Huckabee:

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