Anti-Clinton Super PAC Launches ‘Clinton Fatigue’ Ad Blitz


The Defeat Crooked Hillary PAC is launching a new ad blitz to remind people of “Clinton fatigue,” just as Hillary Clinton’s health is coming under serious review.

The ad was first seen last year, when it was funded by a PAC supporting Texas Senator Ted Cruz. It is now being used to support Donald Trump’s campaign.

“Recent events with Hillary Clinton’s countless lies and scandals have made it timely and relevant to use the ad now in the general election,” spokesman Hogan Gidley told the Washington Post.


The video ad takes place in a hospital ward where bed after bed is filled with people looking bedraggled and listless. As a pair of doctors walk between the beds, they discuss the patients and their ailments.

One doctor tells his associate, “We haven’t seen anything like this since the 90s.”

His female associate says, “They look so lifeless.”

“Well, they’ve been through a lot,” the doctor replies. “Email scandals, questionable donations from foreign governments, cronyism— even pants suits.”

“So awful,” his associate says. “What’s the diagnosis?”

“Clinton Fatigue,” the doctor says gravely.

Finally, as the pair walk off-screen, the female doctor says plaintively, “So sad,” and loudspeakers call out, “Code 2, Report to ICU.”

Fittingly, the ad is titled, “Clinton Fatigue.”

“Americans have Clinton Fatigue — they are tired of the same old ideas, same old political entitlement, same old personal enrichment, same old casual relationship with the truth. It’s time for a new generation with innovative ideas and integrity to take the reins and Ted Cruz is the leader to do it,” Kellyanne Conway, now a Trump campaign spokesperson, said last year when the ad first appeared.

The PAC said it intends to spend six figures to target undecided voters in the swing states that will determine the election.

The Defeat Crooked Hillary PAC was funded by hedge fund executive Robert Mercer who kicked in $2 million, the paper reported.

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