Donald Trump Says Barack Obama Wouldn’t Pick Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State Again

Donald Trump
The Associated Press
Fort Meyers, FL

During his September 19 address to supporters in Fort Meyers, Florida, Trump said that Hillary Clinton has been such a disaster for America’s national security that if he had to make the choice again, even President Barack Obama wouldn’t pick her as his secretary of state.

After speaking about Hillary’s disastrous email scandal and excoriating both Obama and Hillary for their actions in Iraq and Libya, Trump noted that Obama has said he regrets those actions. But as far as Trump is concerned, Obama likely regrets something else, too.

“The failures in Iraq were compounded by Hillary Clinton’s disaster in Libya. President Obama has since said he regrets Libya as his worst mistake,” Trump said from the dais. “And you wouldn’t know it to watch him, but I believe, that if you could go back years and he had the decision whether or not to make her secretary of state, he can never admit this, and I never expect him to–although maybe if he gets a lot of money for a book–but he would choose not to make her secretary of state. That’s what I think. Because she was a disaster.”

Trump then added, “She’s the one who pushed for the war, with one episode of bad judgement after another. And remember, Bernie Sanders, during the debates said on numerous occasions that Hillary Clinton suffers from bad judgement.”

This isn’t the first time Donald Trump has said that he thinks Obama wouldn’t pick Hillary as secretary of state if he was given another shot at filling the position.

In a speech on August 9 to supporters in Wilmington, North Carolina, Trump also said Obama wouldn’t pick Clinton again as his secretary of state in a speech.

See Donald Trump’s full speech below:

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