Mike Pence: Donald Trump Will Reverse the Obama/Clinton War on the Economy

Pence Speaks Getty
Williamsburg, VA

Speaking to a crowd on a rainy evening in Williamsburg, Virginia, GOP vice presidential nominee Mike Pence assured Virginians that if they choose Donald Trump as the next president they will be hiring a fighter who will make economic rejuvenation a priority.

Trump, the Indiana Governor said during his September 20 speech, is also a man who refuses to allow political correctness to force him in his decision making process.

But it was Barack Obama’s dragging economy Pence focused most on during his address in Williamsburg.

As he warmed to his theme, Pence noted that the faltering economy is not just Obama’s disaster but will become Hillary’s because she will continue all of Obama’s failing policies.

Pence also criticized Obama’s insistence that the economy is doing just fine.

“They tell us this economy is the best we can do… but it’s nowhere near the best that we can do. It’s the best they can do,” Pence said before going on to promise that after Donald Trump becomes president he will “get the economy moving” for the whole nation.

Pence then said he and his running mate have a plan to reverse Obama’s sluggish economy. Pence told those gathered:

It’s the time-honored principles that have worked every time they’ve been put into practice. We’re going to lower taxes across the board for working families, small businesses and family farms. We’re going to let Americans keep more of what they earn. We’re going to end death taxes once and for all. And we’re going to lower business taxes so companies here in Virginia can crate jobs here in Virginia instead of overseas instead and competitors.

Pence promised that “on day one” Trump would sign a moratorium on new regulations and then he would “repeal every single Obama Executive Order that’s stifling jobs and growth in this economy.”

He also noted that the “most stifling” of all policies, Obamacare, will be repealed as one of Trump’s first acts in office and then Trump will end Obama’s war on coal.

Trump, Pence said, will put the American people first.

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