Chicago-Based Convicted Lone Wolf Terrorist Wants Early Release to Attend College Classes

"Decade sentence: Shaker Masri, 29 of Chicago, was sentenced Tuesday to nearly 10 years in prison for plotting to attend a Somalia training camp with dreams of becoming a suicide bomber for al-Qaida and another terrorist group, al-Shabab."
Chicago, IL

The Chicago-based lone wolf Muslim terrorist who was convicted of conniving to blow up a busload of U.S. soldiers has sent a letter to a federal judge asking for early release so he can go to college, reports reveal.

Shaker Masri, who was convicted in 2012 and sentenced to ten years in prison for his terror plot, says he wants to use the $6,000 education fund given to him by the U.S. government for classes at Chicago’s Harold Washington College. But he wants to be let go early so he can attend classes.

According to Chicago’s ABC affiliate, Masri sent his letter to a federal judge asking to be released to a halfway house only four years into his decade-long sentence.

In the letter, the terrorist insists he is a model inmate and was “never a bad person.” He added, “I was stupid and delusion and I made bad choices.”

Masri also said he has already been accepted as a student at the institution using an address in the suburb of Wheaton.

The convicted terrorist also said he will turn his life around and try to help others. He told the judge he will “work very hard to dissuade young Muslims from extremism, by using my experience.” He signed his letter “yours truthfully.”

ABC discovered an odd quirk in the federal rules for education aid.

“As for government student aid, ex-cons from drug cases and sex crimes are not acceptable but apparently convicted terrorists are eligible for federal grants and loans,” the report said.

For its part, the Chicago college that accepted the terrorist said they won’t discriminate against those applying for acceptance.

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