Exclusive — KellyAnne Conway on Donald Trump’s Debate Win: Hillary Clinton Was ‘Indignant and Rattled’

KellyAnne and Donald APEvan Vucci
Evan Vucci/AP
ST. LOUIS, Missouri

ST. LOUIS, Missouri — In the second of three presidential debates here on Sunday evening, Donald Trump’s campaign manager KellyAnne Conway told Breitbart News exclusively that he won handily because Hillary Clinton was “indignant and rattled” and wholly unprepared.

Conway told Breitbart News after the debate:

Donald Trump brushed back his critics and came to play in this second debate against an indignant and rattled Hillary Clinton. He challenged her on her emails, her unremarkable record in the U.S. Senate, and her unsuccessful record as Secretary of State. She was defensive yet not adequately defending. Trump reminded people of a few simple facts: she represents a failed, rigged system that benefits the powerful and wealthy; policies that will make Americans less wealthy and ISIS more emboldened; a knack for lying that jumped to a whole new level on Sunday.

Trump’s debate win has set off a spiral amid the legacy and establishment media and sent the Clinton campaign into damage control as WikiLeaks published its second of many tranches of emails from her campaign chairman John Podesta on Monday morning.

Trump has now moved past the worst stretch in his campaign, the release of a tape in which he is seen and heard making vulgar remarks about women. That set back his effort to gain momentum after his running mate Indiana Gov. Mike Pence’s win in the Vice Presidential debate over Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) a week ago.

Trump is hitting the campaign trail in the key battleground states of Florida and Pennsylvania early this week as he takes the campaign that Clinton threw into the gutter back to a focus on the issues like trade, immigration, jobs, the economy and national security.