Mother Charged with Child Endangerment for Feeding Son Extreme Vegan Diet

Mother Charged with Child Welfare Endangerment for Feeding Son Extreme Vegan Diet

A woman taking her vegan diet to the extreme is accused of feeding her son only fruit and nuts.

Elizabeth Hawk, 33, is charged with child welfare endangerment for not giving her son enough food due to a strict vegan diet, KDKA reports.

Brandy Hawk, the baby’s aunt, said she noticed the boy had some physical problems and developed a severe rash that concerned her.

“It was his motor skills; he couldn’t use his hands at all.” Brandy Hawk tells KDKA.

The boy’s mother, Elizabeth, said to Brandy that the boy just had “allergies” and that there was nothing to worry about.

Brandy didn’t believe her and neither did the father, Jerry Hawk.

Jerry brought the 11-month-old to a hospital, where a doctor said that the boy’s development was delayed due to malnourishment and that not treating him for the rash was “inhumane.”

He told doctors that Elizabeth was “obsessed” with a strict, vegan diet.

The boy’s father has custody of the baby and the couple’s two other children.

Jerry and other family members say the boy’s condition is improving.

Elizabeth Hawk remains free on her own recognizance. There is no court date set yet for a preliminary hearing.