Gun Control Fail: Man Who Allegedly Shot Boston Police Officers Did Not Have Gun License

Boston Police Officers Matthew Morris and Richard Cintolo
Boston Police Department via AP

The man who allegedly shot and wounded two Boston police officers Wednesday night did not have a license to possess a gun.

According to The Washington Post, officers responded to a call that 33-year-old Kirk Figueroa “was threatening his roommate with a knife.” When police arrived, Figueroa fired on them “with what Commissioner William Evans called a ‘tactical shotgun.'”

Figueroa, wearing a “ballistic vest,” was able to wound “27-year veteran Richard Cintolo and 12-year veteran Matt Morris” before being killed.

Commissioner Evans said Figueroa was not licensed to own a gun.

Officers Cintolo and Morris are both expected to recover from their wounds. Commissioner Evans said, “an artery in Morris’ leg was severed and his life was probably saved by another officer who tied a tourniquet on his leg.”

This gun control failure is the second in a matter of days, as we also learned that convicted felon John Felix was charged with possessing a stolen gun when he allegedly shot and killed two Palm Springs police officers on Saturday. This means Felix — completely barred from gun possession because of his felony conviction — not only allegedly possessed the gun but did so in California, a state with comprehensive background checks, gun registration requirements, and no “gun show loophole,” “online loophole,” or “Charleston loophole.”

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